Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday night stream of consciousness

Well, I know I need to post, but I am having difficulty settling on one topic--maybe I should blame it on my cold medicine. So here is my Friday night stream of consciousness...

I have a cold. I got it from Ashley and I am fairly convinced that it is never going to go away. It started in my sinuses and has moved around from there. At least I'm not aching anymore. Oh, and BTW, Ashley is doing much better since she's been on antibiotic. Maybe I should take that as a hint and try to get some of that myself.

I'm bummed that the Colts aren't playing on Sunday. I am also bummed that Green Bay isn't playing--it really would have been fun to see Brett Favre whoop up on Tom Brady.

I gave Nathan a bath the other day and within 10 minutes he had dumped a whole container of yoplait yogurt on his head.

I made homemade caramel corn tonight and it is AWESOME!!! (much better than the homemade dressing I made for the coleslaw tonight--now that was nasty!) Did you know that caramel corn is 8 weight watchers points for 3 Cups (1 pt = approx 50 calories)? And the crazy thing is that now I can't stay out of it.

I have pictures from John's birthday (Jan 17) on my camera. I've just been lazy this week and haven't put them on my computer so I can show them to you.

The girls had their first snow day of the year today. Sara was really bummed because they were suppose to have a pajama party in her class today. I can't really compete with that.

I'm having a nephew in June--okay, let me rephrase, my sister is having a boy in June which will give me a nephew. So now I get one in April (Steve (Joe's brother) & Mandy) and June (Chris and Kim (my sister)). I get to meet my new neice, Lydia, in March.

Did I mention that I was bummed about the super bowl this Sunday?!

For all of you in IA--have fun chowing down on wild game this weekend. I almost didn't know what to do with myself since I didn't have to make 30 lbs worth of venison chili in the last week of January. We miss all of you--eat some buffalo burgers for us.

It's time for some decaf--maybe that will help with the caramel corn craving!!! Sara just discovered that I ate what was left in her bowl--oops...

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New requirements to be a doctor...

So I'm going to vent a little bit...When we moved I had to find a new pediatrician and then the end of last year our insurance changed and so I had to find yet another pediatrician. My old new pediatrician that I got when we first moved wouldn't see my kids until they had all the medical records transferred from the previous pediatrician. It was quite the experience trying to get the records tracked down and getting the kids in the computer before they could be seen. Since it was a fairly nasty experience I have been putting off making my first trip to my new pediatrician. Well, Ashley has been battling some kind of illness for 1 1/2 week so it got to the point where I had to go to the new pediatrician yesterday. So I made the dreaded phone call. I was put on hold initially which is to be expected on a Monday morning. So I listened to the elevator music for about 10 minutes. Then I got to talk to the scheduling nurse who obviously was not happy about it being a Monday morning. When I told her that Ashley was a new patient, she asked me if she was in the computer. Well, her records have been transferred to your office. "Well, that doesn't mean she is in the computer." Okay then.. So after some grumbling on her part about me not knowing if she was in the computer and about having to check and see, I was then transferred to the front desk because evidently the scheduling nurse can't put Ashley's information into the computer. The front desk lady was in a much better mood. She must of had a better morning before she arrived at work. So we got Ashley "put in the computer" which basically meant putting her name and birthday in their database. Then, since I needed to schedule an appointment, she had to transfer me back to the scheduling nurse. And so I got put back in the que and got to listen to some more relaxing elevator music for 10 more minutes. Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately, I'm not sure) I got the same scheduling nurse. Now that Ashley was in the computer we could get her an appointment. Well, I guess it wasn't that easy because since she was a new patient she had to have a longer appointment time and "well, since we've had so many calls this morning (while I was on hold for 20 minutes) I'm not sure if we have a slot for her." Fortunately, Deb the nurse was in a "good mood" and got her in that afternoon. Now I was ready to give Deb a little piece of my mind and the whole time she was complaining about finding Ashley an appointment time, I was formulating a response in my mind. Fortunately, since it took her awhile, I was able to calm down a little and simply asked Deb "I have three other children. Is there something I need to do with you to get them ready in your computer so that when they are ill you can be prepared for them?" Deb's response: silence. Seriously, I thought she had hung up on me. So I ask the question again adding "It seems like there was something I was suppose to do before Ashley got sick that I didn't do." Deb's voice returned "Oh no, there wasn't anything you were suppose to do. We'll just have to put each of them in the computer when they get sick." So evidently the new rule in medicine is: I can't be a doctor if I don't have a computer.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Things that make you go hmmmmm.....

Thought provoking questions from Sara:

Why do they call it a tug boat since it pushes the barges instead of pulling them?

Why did boys in the 80s have long hair since it made them look like girls?

And why did they "head bang" because it hurts when you do that?