Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday randomness

I have a bunch of random thoughts rattling around in my brain so I thought I'd share...

It is Thursday and I'm not mopping. I haven't mopped on Thursdays for awhile. I figured life is short so why spend every Thursday mopping. Instead it has turned into coffee with a friend day. And today it had an added surprise involving John Denver. It was kind of God's way of reminding me how much He loves me. He never ceases to amaze me.

Sara told me the other day that she thought we had a weird last name.

I don't understand snooze buttons. I never have. Normally they aren't a big deal because I hardly ever wake up to an alarm clock and I'm usually already up when Joe's goes off. Let's just say the other night someone remaining nameless kept me up watching a movie until 11ish (we still haven't finished it) and then the alarm clock went off at 5AM and 5:04 and 5:08 and..then he (I should say we) got up at 5:11. So why didn't we just set it for 5:11? Again, don't understand the snooze option. The attempt was made to explain but I hadn't had my coffee yet.

A friend and I came up with a great idea this morning to take a day each month and swap each other's kids so that we could clean our houses throughly or do cleaning projects that never seem to get done. We were both very excited and then realized how lame we had become that we get excited over cleaning by ourselves for a day once a month.

I'm reading The Life You've Always Wanted by John Ortberg and really enjoying it. We'll see if I get all the way through it. I'm kind of very skilled at reading 3/4 of a way through a book and then not finishing it.

Ashley's mouth is not cooperating with her new head gear. We will be making the third trip to the orthodontist in 2 weeks on Monday. A back bracket refuses to stay on her tooth.

Joe & I got to hear the testimony of our dear neighbor tonight. God has truly been doing amazing things in her life! She is meeting with the elders on Sunday to become a member of our church. So exciting and feeling so blessed that God let us witness her transformed life.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Catching up...

Well, I hate resorting to bullet points, but unless you want 12 different posts about completely unrelated things, bullet points are really the only answer. Here goes....

  • The girls had a weekend of firsts...their first sleepover at a friend's house and their first football game. We are within walking distance of the high school so I'm not sure why it took a sleepover to get them to a game. The boys are feeling fairly left out so I see a football game in our future.
  • Last week I forgot the pin number my debit card. The debit card that I've had for over a year. The pin number was completely gone. I don't know where it went but every time I went to the store I was completely blank. So I had to look it up. Nope, thankfully I didn't shred the pin number like you are suppose to. Otherwise we'd have taken an embarassing trip to the bank.
  • Soup weather has arrived! I had brocolli cheese soup and wild rice soup over the weekend. So very good! And, no, they weren't homemade.
  • I think I'm going to have to put my flip flops away soon. They are calling for frost this week. As Joe can tell you, it is a sad day in our house. I love flip flops, but when there is a chance of frost bite occuring I guess I should actually put on socks and shoes. And it is rather difficult to explain the girls why I'm allowed to wear flip flops and they are not.
  • I sorted the boys' clothes this last weekend and I'm not sure which vegetable it was this summer that they ate that made them grow so very much. It was probably zuchinni. My zuchinni plants are still producing zuchinnis. I've lost count on how many quarts I have frozen. If it was the zuchinni then they will probably grow that much this winter as well because we'll be eating it all winter. For now I just need to find John some jeans to wear to school.
  • I put my pants on wrong side out this morning. Yep, that is possible. Zipping them up was rather difficult. That was the first clue to me that something was wrong. Not really a good sign for the week.