Friday, January 28, 2011

Tidbits of the day

I was inspired to share the following...

favorite moment of the day: having all my "chicks" back home after school

(re) learned today: the extreme blessing of friends. The grumpiness of winter had somewhat overtaken me the last few days. God has sent gentle reminders of His love for me through precious friends.

said one million and thirty-six times today: yes, you can have a snack (to I am sure I'm going to be shopping for new pants for that boy in a few weeks)

frivolous thing I'm most thankful for right now: my phone

song I'm listening to right now: Beautiful Day U2

Monday, January 24, 2011

Thoughts on a Monday morning...

Joe summarized something for me in 30 seconds this morning. He said he was going to and so, just to see if he really could do it, I set the stop watch. He did with 3 seconds to spare. Yes, folks, it is possible for him to summarize. I have to admit I was rather surprised. I informed him that he had now set a standard for himself.

Nathan is currently sneaking up on our dog so he can catch her before she realizes what is upon her. That poor dog...

I am speaking at our MOPS group tonight on commitment to relationships. I have missed several MOPS meetings this year because my evening schedule has gotten a little bit nutty on Monday nights. So I'm looking forward to not only speaking, but to seeing all the moms again.

I would like to invent a bubble that I can place around my house the disinfects everyone who walks into the house. I keep hearing about so much sickness that is going around..and it isn't just one type. It is pretty much all types. We have been so blessed to have stayed healthy, but this non-germophobe is going to turn into one soon if these bugs don't leave the area soon.

They should move all NFL playoff games to Saturdays. I have a really hard time recovering on a Monday morning after having a houseful on Sunday afternoons. I certainly wouldn't trade in the fun times though. Yesterday's gathering was fairly spontaneous which made it even more fun. Ah, I guess that's why we coffee...for Monday mornings after football games.