Friday, October 3, 2014

No practice?!

So this is what happens when my boys have a free evening due to yucky weather and no football practice....

Nathan got a new Kindle because, sadly, his other one was stollen.  As he was trying out his new features, he and John realized they could enter each other's Minecraft worlds.  So while it looks like they are completely consumed and in their own little worlds, they are actually in each other's worlds.  They were having so much fun I couldn't bear to enforce our normal electronic time limit.  Every so often you would hear one of them say "this is so fun!  I love playing this with you!" Seriously, what mom can stop any activity that creates that kind of sibling play enthusiasm?!

The week is almost over....

It has been a fairly normal week here full of and speech...meetings, homework and, well, life. And sometimes this is what life does to us...

This is where I found sweet Ashley around 4 on Tuesday. And, no, she hadn't been hunting. It is spirit week at school,and Tuesday was camo day.  Evidently camo day wore her out.  Poor thing fell asleep on the kitchen floor.

Monday, September 29, 2014

My new favorite mug...

This is my new favorite mug....

It is from China.  It say "The Foreign Wife" on it. My sister in law Kristen (Joe's sister) happens to be the foreign wife.  "The Foreign Wife" is the name of the restaurant my brother in law James and his wife Kristen have recently opened in China. This mug is in my hand everyday reminding me to pray for James throughout the day.  He begins his chemo and radiation treatments today.  It will be a long few weeks for them and their three girls. The treatment will last until around Thanksgiving. Will you join me in praying for them today and through these weeks of treatment?

If you would like to follow their journey so you can pray more specifically, check out their blog at  If you live in the Indianapolis area and would like to help out with meals or anything else, there is a link to their care calendar on the blog.

Win! Win!

We had a whirlwind weekend with my sister and her kids visiting.  It was my nephew Luke's birthday and it was so fun for him to be here to get to celebrate with him.  We've never gotten to do that before because of where they have lived.  They came in Saturday to catch the boys' football games.  And both the boys' teams came away with wins!  It was Nathan's teams' first win so it was very exciting. Here are some shots from Saturday....

John lined up on the O line.  He is the second one from the right.

The birthday boy trying on Nathan's pads

And trying on the helmet too

John and his cousins "enjoying" Nathan's game.  In fairness to them, it was pretty warm.

Nathan getting ready to hike the ball. 

Nathan on defense lined up as nose tackle.  (that is across from the center (the opposing team #72)  for those of you who may not know football positions)