Thursday, November 15, 2007

Let's hope they don't end up in California!

Our mighty hunter and provider heads out tomorrow morning at 5am for the big deer hunt. I have an empty freezer that I am ready to have filled again. I was communicating this to my kids and my Ashley, who happens to be very partial to deer steaks, got straight to the point (as usual): "So Daddy's going to shoot a deer, cut it's head off and put it on our wall. And then we get to eat the rest?!" You could hear the eagerness in her voice. "Yes" I responded cautiously, not sure if I should encourage this conversation or not. Sara, in a dreamy, hopeful voice "Yeah, I sure hope he gets a buck." So, I left the conversation confident that somewhere out there is a little boy who will one day love to marry my supportive daughters. They could be in trouble though if they end up moving to California before they get married!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

You know you're bored when...

you start measuring your belly button to see if it really is the size of a button. We'd been in the doctor's office yesterday afternoon for at least an hour and Ashley got bored. Somehow she got on the topic of belly buttons. "Why do we have a belly button? Why do they call it a belly button?" etc. I, of course, answered I don't know to all the questions put forth. And so she decided she needed to measure it to see if it was the actual size of a button. I was bored too, and so we both had a good laugh over it. And, no, I did not measure my own belly button!