Saturday, October 29, 2016

Nathan turns 11!

So this guy had his 11th birthday yesterday!

 I can't believe he is eleven!  When we left our church in Iowa one of our going away gifts from the senior pastor there was our cupcake carrier.  I LOVE this thing not just because it is practical, but because every time we get it out it reminds me of those sweet days in Iowa.  It took its last pilgrimage to school yesterday.

So Nathan's breakfast request yesterday was the ever popular "egg cups".  These were extra special because Joe got up and made them.  They were pretty awesome.  His supper request was a tie between pizza and his dear love of homemade tenderloins.  It was Friday, so we went with pizza.  We did up our game somewhat and got our family's favorite Butch's pizza.

Now that he has finished his hunter safety course, hunting supplies were on his list this year.  So he got a vest, a couple of squirrel calls and a giant tub to store all his future and current hunting supplies.

Nathan's loves are still football, hunting, anything he can play outside and video games.

We finished up his birthday by watching the third game of the World Series.  Much to my sadness he has chosen to cheer in the Cleveland Indians rather than the beloved Cubs.  He got his birthday wish...the Indians won last night 1 to 0 and took a lead in the series.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

The bathrooms?

So I am in the process of interviewing for a new job. (That whole process and how God has brought me to this point is for another post.). I came home on Monday from the first interview to the chatter of my beloved children.  It was fresh on their minds as their father had just shared with them what I was doing, and, of course, I was later than normal.  They wanted to know ALL about it, but the question from my youngest man child was most intriguing. "What were the bathrooms like" he inquired.  "What?" Was my clear response.  "What were the bathrooms like?" He pressed again.  Me...stumbling over my words as I was completely perplexed over the question "I have no idea.  I didn't use their bathroom" "Well, mom, you really need to check them out the next time.  I mean, if you end up working there, you could spend a lot of time in the bathroom and you don't want it to be gross."

He may have a point.....