Tuesday, July 31, 2012


The closing session of camp.  This is where they had there chapel sessions each morning and each evening.  If you see them, you need to have them sing you the "M I L K" song that they sang together as a cabin every  morning before breakfast and chapel.  They could also sing FANATIC for you which is a fun song.

Their home for the week...Juniper Lodge #2.  They were very blessed to be in one of the air conditioned cabins.  They really appreciated that.  Now the showers really smelled,but according to their aunt who also went to Camp Timber-lee that is fairly normal.  All in all it was a pretty deluxe camp experience.  So glad they had so much fun.

Chicago pictures!

Here are some pics from Sara and I's trip to Chicago.....

On the train headed for Chicago.  We surprised her with the train tickets.  We had so much fun!  And I really appreciated not having to drive home after two days of walking around the city.
Streets of Chicago  (I was playing with my camera)

At Millennium Park..it was warm, but, fortunately, it was actually one of the cooler weekends of the summer.  I can't get over how grown up she looks in this picture.
Her first Mac and Cheese of the day.  Corner Bakery does make a rockin' Mac & Cheese.
The Hard Rock Cafe makes a rockin' mac & cheese as well.  It is actually more of an italian pasta dish than what you generally think of as Mac & Cheese...it had roasted red peppers, bacon (at the waiter's recommendation) and chicken.  Super good!

Waiting on the subway.  This was second only to the train on Sara's enjoyment list. (Although shopping ranked pretty high too!)  Unfortunately, they were working on the "L" while we were there so we rode the subway more than we did it.
After a yummy breakfast at Fox and Oble on Sunday morning.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Catching Up...

Well, I have obviously gotten behind in my blogging this summer.  I have had many good intentions on posting and I have pictures to go with each post.  However, I tend to post in the evenings and the kids are usually watching Netflix then.  My internet can't seem to handle live streaming and posting pictures. Soooo we are just going to have to go with words for now before my memory fails me on what we have been doing for the last few weeks.

The girls had their first experience with camp.  They traveled up to Wisconsin to Camp Timber-lee a couple of weeks ago.  It was such a good week for them.  I think it was one of the only weeks of the last month that the temperatures were below 90 for a couple of days.  They stayed in the same cabin together and had the same counselor this year.  We may split them up next year so they have more of an individual experience. 

After the girls got back from Wisconsin I traveled to Iowa for my annual trip.  It was such a good time catching up with old friends.  The next time I go I will get to meet some new babies :).

Then when I returned from Iowa, Sara and I headed to Chicago for a girls' weekend.  We had so much fun taking the train and eating our way through Chicago.  Sara can probably tell you the best place to eat Macaroni and Cheese in Chicago.

And, of course, the last few days we have been sitting in front of the TV watching the Olympics.

And that is the fast summary of what has been going on in the Horn house the last few weeks.