Friday, January 7, 2011

Complete Randomness

Look who lost another tooth!

  • I've become very attached to my new phone. I'm afraid I've become one of "those people" who would probably go into immediate heart problems if I ever lost my phone. At this point I have everything on lists, my calendar, my contacts, my camera etc.
  • We had a celebration with our 4 person weight loss team from last year. Of course, we went out to eat to celebrate. Our group lost a total of 124 lbs the last six months of last year. Not bad, I say...
  • John is getting ready for his pinewood derby. I'm sure you'll hear about it.
  • My laundry is caught up. Joe has commented about it all week...good impressed he is and how wonderful it is. I would have to agree with him that it is nice not to have run down to the laundry room wrapped in a towel in search of underwear. Sadly, I've told him he probably shouldn't get used to it.
  • We were all up and in the kitchen at 7am today. Yep, Christmas break is nearing an end and we are desperately trying to transition into "real world time" (as opposed to "lazy world time") before school and my work starts up again on Monday.
  • For all of you who live to the west of us in Iowa, we are headed your direction the beginning of next month. Joe is speaking at the Wild Game Feast. I'm pumped to see everyone and excited to wear my new favorite T-shirt...Love, Peace and Venison.
  • The girls and I have a new favorite toy...Shrinky Dinks. Love, love, love them. Even I can make beautiful jewelry so you know they must be good. A big THANK YOU to Aunt Kristen for providing hours of fun over Christmas break.
  • Another goal for 2011: eat more fruit. I'm not a big fruit eater. I don't care for it much. It doesn't taste horrible to me. I simply do not crave it. So, again, in an effort to spur on my children I've decided to more of it on my plan. First measurable fruit goal...always have a piece of fruit on my plate at breakfast.
  • I'm off to get on the elipitical so that my new favorite T-Shirt still fits me by the first weekend in February.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 came in like a...

slow turtle at our house. We have been so relaxed in 2011 so far that you might call us lazy. Our kids don't head back to school until the 10th so we are still on Christmas break. And, up until today, Joe was able to join us. Our days have consisted of legos, shrinky dink jewelry, Wii (Yes! we got one), and late night movies (Joe & I have been working our way through Middle Earth). Reality is starting to come back into clear view as Joe heads back to work and things like doctor's appointments and an empty pantry are starting to interfere with our relaxation.

I've set three goals for myself so far this year:

  • Have more fun with my kids (I know...for it to be a true goal it needs to be measurable. I'm trying to come up with a way of measuring this.)
  • Complete the 365 Project. You can see and follow that here:
  • Take better care of my fingernails. (I bet you weren't expecting that one!) I have horrible looking nails and while I was spurring on my daughters not to chew their nails, I was motivated. So, by the end of the year (and, yes, it might take that long) I would like to get them looking good enough to actually be able to do a french manicure on them.

2010 Wrap up

Playing Bingo with the Robey cousins
Hangin' at Grandma Horns.

We spent the last week of 2010 hanging out with family. Our first stop was the Horn family. We were missing a sibling who is overseas so it was a bittersweet gathering. One of the highlights was going to see Voyage of the Dawn Treader in 3-D. It was the first film the kids had seen in 3-D so it was a thrill for them.

Our next stop took us 1 1/2 hours north to see my family. We had been looking forward to this as my sister was in town from Kansas. It had been awhile since we had all been together (I think 2 1/2 years for the adults...but that didn't include the children. Is that right, Kim?). We are usually missing either a family or one of the men folk. My mom, sister & I enjoyed a day of shopping sans kids. I really can't remember the last time we did that. Unfortunately, we headed out a day early due to the plague that overcame us. I really can't remember the last time we had the stomach flu. We have hopes of seeing one another again at Spring Break, but alas it will most likely be without the men folk. At this point we are thankful that my sister is stateside so mini-visits are possible.