Saturday, April 12, 2008

While Daddy's away.....

the kids will play. Joe was gone last night and today. Today the boys had a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. The girls and I were going to go to Sara's soccer game, but the weather actually got gross enough that they canceled. Sara was only slightly bummed because once it was canceled we decided to do what girls do when they have free time--shop. The girls spent some of their birthday money and I hear that the boys had a great time being initiated into the world of pizza birthday parties. They did differ on their opinions of Chuck E. Nathan keeps saying "I was scared and cried." John told me at supper that when he grows up he wants to be Chuck E. Cheese--he thinks it would be totally cool to dress up in the outfit. So all had a great time and everyone was back in time for my favorite part of the day (especially on a gross one like this!)--nap time.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

My smart mommy moment

I accomplished a mighty task today--I built a small ranch. It was for my son John who, after it was finished, noted my accomplishment with these words of affirmation "I didn't know if you could do it mom, but you did. You are such a smart mommy!!" Here's the pictures to prove it:


My opinion

Joe just returned home and is snacking on Kipper snacks. This is his new favorite snack and I've discovered that it is one of the very few things that the smell makes me want to vomit. For those of you who don't know, this is canned smoked herring. It pretty much smells like rotted cat food. So we are learning how to live together with his new "treat" as he calls it. I'm trying hard to be the sacrificial wife, but I fear one of us may end up in the basement every time snack time rolls around.

I've completely digressed from what I originally intended to post. I am usually a very decisive person. I typically know immediately what I like. For some reason this has not been the case with my blog layout. I liked the sunflower, but found it very distracting. And so we'll try out the stripes for awhile and see if my favorable opinion to them wavers in any way in the next few days. One opinion that will absolutely not waver--what I think of Kipper snacks. I'm going to have to get a clip for my nose...

Sara's practice

Here are a few pictures of Sara practicing soccer. (Thanks mom & dad!). I'll try to get some during the game this Saturday, but it is suppose to rain and SNOW! so I'm not sure if that will happen or not. Sara, BTW, is extremely pumped that she might get to play in that kind of weather.



Music miscellany

Well, I can't let the evening pass without commenting on my surprise of American Idol's results tonight. But I won't dwell on it long because I know that many of you reading would have no idea what I'm even talking about. I was pleased that they added the name Jesus back into Shout to the Lord when they sang it tonight.

While I'm on the topic of music I can't resist commenting on my husband's recent music post concerning the The New Kids on the Block. Now from his post you may gather that he doesn't exactly portray himself as much of a fan. However, based on a conversation that I had with him, I differ with that portrayal. When I was talking to him the other night, he was filled with facts that only a somewhat devoted fan would know. Now, in all fairness, he did defend himself and try to pass it off on his "semi-photographic" memory and the fact that he had just read this article on But I'm fairly certain we have a closet New Kids fan living at my house. Who knows, honey, maybe they'll make a guest appearance on American Idol during their reunion tour.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

the small giant

Grandpa and Grandma Snow have been here for a brief visit. Last night the boys got to hang out with them and John decided he should measure himself and see if he was as tall as they were. He wasn't totally getting the concept because, evidently, he insisted on standing on the couch while Grandpa and Grandma were standing on the floor. He thought it was pretty wild that he couldn't even reach Grandpa's head. (Grandpa is pretty tall.) My mom was relaying this story to me last night and John that he needed to make sure I completely understood just how tall Grandpa was.

John: "He's taller than a giant, mom!"
Then, after a few seconds, he felt the need to clarify. "Well, he's taller than a small giant"