Saturday, November 17, 2012

The first celebration of the season...

With their cub scout pack

Sara is in the second row in the middle.
Our annual town Christmas parade was today.  I am not sure you could find any child more excited than Nathan or less excited than Sara. 

A beautiful Saturday Morning

 It was an absolutely beautiful morning here.  I spent it soaking up the view and sounds.

lego man
I wait all fall for this bush to turn this color.  It finally turned this past week.  I get to look at it out my front window.
Nate read me a story.  Do any of your sons bring their sidearms to the table to read?

The finished lego project...getting us all in the Christmas spirit.

The frost was certainly on the pumpkin this morning...

Monday, November 12, 2012

Ashley's Speech at State

Ashley participated on speech team this year.  She had so much fun.  Since she is just a 5th grader she was only allowed to do one.  So she chose to do a solo.  They also have duets, chorus, improv., etc.  I anticipate that next year she will do the most she can which I believe is three.  For those not familiar with speech, it is really more "acting" than just standing up and giving a speech.  They have a conference competition and then a state competition.  For those who maybe participated in band solo and ensemble contest as a kid (or has a kid in it), these competitions are very similar.  You are basically competing against yourself.  Ashley scored a first at both Conference and State.  She did an awesome job!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

MY boys of fall

Nathan at quarterback position

"Big John" was John's nickname by his coaches.  I foolishly had him block me after one of his games while he was still in his pads.  Man does he hit hard...

Here he is on the "O" line trying to keep #1 from getting through

Both of the boys played football again this fall.  Nathan was still in flag football (and, much to his frustration, will be next year too).  John played his first year of tackle.  Both boys had wonderful coaches and had a wonderful season!

Sara Swimming

We are been "underwater" the last couple of months with all the kids' activities.  I feel like I am finally "getting my head above the water" as football and speech are over.  Sara joined the local swim team this fall.  I am so super proud of her.  It was a steep, steep learning curve for her.  She went from recreational swimming to swimming over a mile during her practice in the first week.  It was so tough for her and she stuck with it.  She has now settled in and is enjoying it.  Here are some pictures from her first meet.  She has another one mid-December and we are both super excited to see how much her times improve from the first one.  (I will try to get my settings right for the next swim meet!)

The blurry one jumping in is Sara