Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Concert

John had his school spring concert last night.  He had the opportunity to try out for some parts this year and got the longest speaking part of the program.  He was so excited that he had it memorized the first day he received it.  This was a bittersweet program as this was his last South School concert.  Our big guy is growing up....

Happy Birthday Ashley!

Last week Ashley turned 11.  She was recovering from some upper respiratory junk so she wasn't feeling her absolute best on her birthday, but she made the best of it and had a great day.  Some stats from her birthday:

Birthday cake: German Chocolate
Birthday supper:  steak, potatoes, broccoli (she LOVES steak!)
Birthday gifts:  Clothes, new boots, and gear for her guinea pig....she has a guinea pig named Angel
Her current loves:  books, her guinea pig, playing outside, shopping with mom

She was honored this past week by the local Optimist Club with an  "Unsung Youth Hero" award for participating in her school's "Buddy Program".  She is paired up with one of the students that struggles and spends time with that student at lunch, recess and other times to help make him/her to feel a little bit more normal.  Here are some pics from her awards night:

Ashley and her friend Chase who was also honored.  Chase is moving the end of this year and Ashley will really miss her.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Earning Rank

Both of the boys accomplished earning their rank in Cub Scouts for the past year of activities.  We had a great time celebrating it at the Blue and Gold Banquet.
John receiving his Bear rank from his dad who is his den leader

Nathan reenacting receiving the Tiger rank.  This is what happens when your mom is your den leader and also operates the camera. 


Winter finally decided to come to our house at the end of February and beginning of March.  In fact, as with most of you, winter is still here.  As Joe said, if spring has sprung, it needed to jump a little higher.  The snows we had have been perfect for the kids though...perfect sledding and perfect for building. Here's some pics from the past month on the sled slopes....

The Twelfth of February

The beautiful flutist below turned 12 this past February.  I love that my little girl still treasures little girl things as she approaches her teens.  Here's the highlights of Sara's birthday:

Cake:  Carrot Cake
Presents:  clothes, Polly Pockets ( :) ), Amazon cards, a warm, fuzzy blanket for her bed, a special ring from her daddy
Favorite foods:  pizza, mac & cheese (the girl LOVES mac & cheese like no other)

She recently participated in her first solo and ensemble contest which I think is incredible for a sixth grader who has been playing a flute for only 1 1/2 years