Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Of gusts of wind and snakes...oh my!

The week started out interesting. On Monday I was still enduring the effects of my sunburn from the weekend. Evidently my lips suffered the brunt of it.  The blisters were out in full force by Monday. The kids claimed that my lips had also turned a lovely purple color.  I had developed a nice head cold, so eating wasn't nearly as exciting as it is normally.  It hurt to open my mouth and once the food got in my mouth I couldn't taste anything.  Needless to say, Monday was a long day and I fell asleep on the couch sooner than I normally do.  I think by 8:30 I was dead asleep.  Joe woke me around 10:00 and told me it was time to go to bed, so I roused myself, brushed my teeth and headed to bed.  I pulled my covers back and mid yawn I look down and see this in my bed.....

One of my crazy kids thought this would be hilarious.  And it was....the next morning.  That night it took me until I got to the living room to realize that it was a rubber snake and not a real one.  I was fully, fully awake. It took quite a bit of time to get my heart rate back down let alone go to sleep. 

It seemed like I had just fallen asleep and I was up again to some loud noises.  It took me awhile to become conscious enough to realize it was hail and then it took me a minute to remember that hail is bad and maybe I should get up and see what was going on.  It was 4am and it was a doozy of a storm.  We found just how much of a doozy it was when the phone rang at 6am with the announcement that school was cancelled.  Fortunately we were blessed that we didn't have any wind damage. The north side of our tiny town had 80mph winds with lots of trees down and no power for a couple thousand people. So thankful that there were no injuries and definitely thankful that it is almost Thursday and Monday and Tuesday are behind us.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Game day....

The Colts and Broncos are playing tonight. For an Indiana native it doesn't get much better than that. But that isn't the game day I am talking about.  Joe had his annual game weekend with his college buddies this weekend.  One of his friends got is a new game that we pulled out this afternoon for family night.  Here are some pics.....

Our new game Saboteur.

That is Nathan photo bombing with the football...

Me and my mini me.  Love this girl!

Are you ready for some football?

Saturday marked the first day of tackle games for our boys.  Here is the gang getting ready to head out and watch "big John" play...seriously that is what his fellow players call him.  Friday night when he was hanging with his buddies at the high school game I heard variations of Big John and Big J as they were sitting in front of us.  He is one of the bigger guys on the team.  In years past he has been the biggest in height and strength.  I noticed this year that he is becoming the shortest.  In fairness there are several boys a year older than him on the team. He is still by far one of the strongest.  He is part of the wall that is there offensive line.

This is my new JFL hat; unfortunately it is a little big so it has become Joe's hat.  One of my favorite necklaces is draped around the hat.  

John's game was the first one of the day and wow did they start the day with a bang.  It was one of the most exciting youth football games I've see. And it certainly helped that John's team won.  It was a last seconds touchdown...4th down and inches and they made it happen!  22 to 20!

Nathan's first tackle game of his life was the last game of the day.  It was a hard fought game that they lost by 7 to 0.  The major bummer of the game was that one of his best buddies was taken away on a stretcher towards the end of the game.  He is fine and they did it strictly as a precaution, but it certainly and understandably shook up Nathan quite a bit.  But he's ready for practice on Tuesday to get ready for the next team on Saturday.

Just a side note....this is why you wear sunscreen even if you start the day in jeans and a sweatshirt.  I somehow managed to spend 2 weeks in Florida and 2 weeks in the desert! and didn't get burnt, but send me to the football field behind my house and it is the worst burn I have had in a long time!  As you can see there was a nice glow from the stage during worship this morning.  Sigh.