Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Current Life

I found a sock in the laundry and I have no idea whose it is or how it got in my laundry.
I have dug through the trash twice in the last month looking for papers my kids needed to return to school that, ahem, I threw out.  My excuse?  Unnecessary papers.  Truth? I obviously need to stop and ready papers before I throw them away unless I have taken a liking to digging through trash cans.  Which I haven't.  It's been hot. Yuck.
In an effort to lose a few pounds, I am limiting myself to only fruit and veggie carbs during the day.  I am hungry.  That is good, right?
Ashley is going to start playing the oboe soon.  I have been enjoying my quiet afternoons until duck calling begins on a regular basis.  Kidding! Well, sort of...okay, maybe not.
Our grass needs mowed. I kind of enjoyed that part of the drought.
I think my daycare kids like Joe better than me.  I am a little jealous.
Nathan came out of his room the other day at 6am to go to the bathroom.  I looked up at him when he came out. Of the bathroom and he had his pj pants on, no shirt and sunglasses.
Poor John is the slowest guy on his football team.  Good thing he's big.  He just needs to make sure he can stand in front of someone to stop them before they get past him.
Sara is learning how to march.  We will find out at the Homecoming parade if she can march in step.