Friday, September 12, 2008

There are no more Disney toys....

according to Ashley. This was after we discovered that the Disney store has closed at our local mall. There was complete panic and of course tears--lots and lots of tears. And it wasn't just tears over the store being closed. Oh, the panic and trauma. Apparently she was under the impression that the only place you could buy Disney toys was at that particular store. I'm still not sure she believes me that they are still at Walmart and Disneyworld still exists.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lesson of the day...

if you are potty training a two year (will be 3 in 1 1/2 months) and you tell him to go to the bathroom and go poop, you need to be sure to tell him that he needs to sit on the potty to do it. ("You said to go to the bathroom mom...")

Monday, September 8, 2008


I've become horrible with remembering names lately. You can just ask any of the kids I teach in children's church. In fact, on Sunday one of my very wise 5th graders suggested that I get nametags for them. I think that is a great idea and may do it next week. I am sure that Taylor will appreciate not being called Logan, and Austin not being called Gage, and John not being called Nathan, and Sara not being called Ashley (yes, those last few kids were my own and I even get them mixed up).

My brain fades have also been frequently reflected at home. Joe has introduced a great classic movie trilogy to the kids--Star Wars. Now I think I may have only seen Star Wars movies once. And my movie memory is very poor. But I actually think this has its advantages. I can watch a movie and a year later watch it again and get the same thrill and excitement the second time around because I don't remember what I saw the first time. Half the time I don't even remember that I saw it the first time. Anyway, with Star Wars I remember the main themes. I think you can remember the main themes even if you've never seen the movies. The thing I've been having difficulty with is, well, the names. Yep, I keep getting the names mixed up--especially PC3O or CP3O, or CPO3 or, and I think this is it, C3PO (I had to ask Joe to verify that was the correct one). Yesterday Joe got so tired of correcting me he finally said "Seriously, if you are going to be the mother of 2 boys you have got to get this right!!!!" If only C3PO could wear a nametag...