Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Kickers

Sara's last soccer game of the spring season was today. It was a great season. Now before I give the stats I should tell you this is technically a "non-competitive" league--meaning they don't keep score. (As a side note, I think it is because of moms like me that they call themselves non-competitive. Many times I've realized that I'm the only parent, ummm, strongly encouraging their child. And my voice carries.... Sara did say that she liked it though and that I didn't embarass her!) Anyway, they added a championship tournament at the end of the season since they had to cancel a game during the season due to weather. Obviously, since it is a "championship" tournament we are keeping score. So, I decided that since they added the tournament that I would allow myself to keep track of her team's win/lose record. They were 3-1-1 during the regular season. And they won the championship tournament for her age group today. The score was 2-1. And, knowing that I am biased, I still have to say that it was a really good game--especially considering that it is 1st & 2nd graders. I was pretty impressed. Both teams were really playing as teams. And Sara had her best game of the season today. So here's to the "Kickers". Congratulations on a great spring season!

Friday, May 16, 2008

A snippet of my morning and afternoon

Morning conversation (running errands)
Paricipants: John & Mommy

"Mommy, what is a jaguar?"
"I think it's part of the cat family. Daddy would know."
"What do they eat Mommy? Will they eat me?"
"No John. They don't live here."
"Mommy, if a gorilla and a jaguar met who would get eaten?"
(We seriously need to get Animal Planet!)
"Mommy, did you know that a baby zebra can tell which zebra is its mommy by the stripes on the mommy's rear end?"
"No John I didn't know that. Where did you hear that?"
"Ashley and Ashley knows everything about zebras."
"Who paints the zebras Mommy?"
"God does John."
in his dreamy voice "I wish I could paint the zebras."

Afternoon conversation (playing outside--me working in a flower bed & moving stones around)
Participants: John, Nathan, Ashley, Sara, & Mommy

Mommy: Oh, these are so heavy"
John: You are so strong mommy. You are super strong!
Sara: I just did the jump rope 5 times. I'm going to try to get 10.
Ashley: Oh, look, there are worms mommy.
Sara: I did 7 mommy--isn't that great?!
Nathan: I want a worm. Can I have a worm please?
Mommy: Share with your brother Ashley.
John: Oh, I found a worm too.
Mommy: Would you like me to fry up your worm so you can eat it?
Sara: EWWWWW!!!
Ashley: Really, they do that?
Mommy: Yep, there is a book about it.
Ashley: NO Nathan! Mommy, Nathan is eating the worm!
Mommy: Nathan I was just joking! Don't eat the worm!
Sara: Mommy, I did 10 jump ropes how many can you do?
Ashley: Wow, you did 20 mommy!
John: You are so strong mommy!


Joe got me a new hummingbird feeder. I had one last year, but it was left here by the previous owners and not in the greatest shape. So Joe surprised me the other day and brought one home. Yesterday morning I mixed the solution, put it together, and placed it outside my huge front window. The boys, especially, were immediately fascinated with the idea of hummingbirds. They saw some last year here at our house and at both Grandmas' houses. Their memory isn't real great though because they thought both the robins and the sparrows were hummingbirds--they both have beaks afterall (according to John). They also don't quite have the distinction between birds and dogs down. John immediately began calling the hummingbirds "Oh, hummingbirds there is a drink for you over here. Here, hummingbirdies, here hummingbirdies." We'll see if any of them respond to my sweet boy's voice.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Spring field trips

It is that time of the year again. It's field trip time! I don't get much one on one time with my kids so I try to take advantage of field trips. Last week Sara and I went with all the first graders to a local state park with all the animals native to our state. Very cool in more ways than you think--I should have taken another jacket. (BTW, is it ever going to totally warm up?!) Anyway, we saw bears, foxes, birds, snakes, turtles, etc. And Sara went down a 58 ft slide. That was her favorite. It was a great trip.

Today was Ashley's day. We did something far more adventerous than any state park with wild animals. We went to the roller skating rink. I figure it has been probably at least 20 years since I was on roller skates. Maybe 15--I can't remember if I did it in college or not. In any case, it's been awhile. And it was Ashley's first time on skates. Someone told me that it was like a bicycle--once you learn you don't really forget. I think they were right although I'm fairly certain that I used to be able to skate backwards and that did not come back. Not much has changed at the skating rink. They still do the hokey pokey, the chicken dance and disco balls. I will say I've never seen anyone do on skates what Ashley did. Her legs are fairly amazing. Even though she only has two legs I'm fairly certain that they went in four directions at the same time. After an hour an a half though she was really starting to get the hang of it. As for me, I'm not sure if I'll be able to walk tomorrow or move my arms. (I had a kindergartener on each arm the whole time.) We had a great time and Ashley is already talking about a family trip this summer on a rainy day.

Monday, May 12, 2008

So what's been going on??

Well, bad news first (I like ending on a good note)--I haven't been able to talk since last week. I'm still debating if I should attempt to see a doctor. I already had to deal with a couple of doctor's offices this morning and that wasn't a pleasant experience (I actually had to apologize to poor Connie on the other end because I got a little, um, frustrated.) So I think I'll give my voice and sinuses one more day. My computer is on the blink--my brand new computer!!!! I'm not sure what is up--Joe's fairly convinced it is Vista. I don't think my clematis is going to grow on my front light pole--not enough sun. Really bummed about that...

On to the good news--that is much more interesting. My washing machine got fixed this morning and it didn't even cost us anything. Evidently instead of it being a lid switch problem, it was just a matter of the lid being bent in on top. Yeah! We had a great, albeit brief, visit with Joe's mom and dad. They got to see Sara's soccer game on Saturday and we had a wonderful Mother's day with some fried wild mushrooms. Yummy! We had a great turn out for our newcomer's event on Saturday night--about 12 visitors I think and my new lemonade jar worked great. My broccoli is growing in my backyard. The sun is shining, I'm almost caught up on laundry for the day and it's naptime!