Thursday, April 24, 2008


So Joe is once again in meeting world tonight, but he promised me that if I stayed awake that he would pop me some of his yummy popcorn when he gets home and watch Bones with me (I taped it on Monday night). It is close to 9pm--really near my bedtime--so in an effort to stay awake I decided to check out Facebook. It seems like every time I am feeling pretty savvy about my computer skills I am completely humbled by venturing into an unknown world. And, believe me, Facebook is a completely unknown world to me. First I find out that in order to see anyone's profile you have to set up your own profile. So I did that. Then I found that you can search for all kinds of people--including by colleges and graduation years--really cool. So I searched on my years and began checking away on people that I knew and wanted to see their pages. I did not know that this would send them an email asking them "to be my friend". Is it possible to be embarrassed in cyberspace world??? I'm sure many of them are thinking "who in the world is this chic?!". Well, then I started getting people sending me messages and I had absolutely no idea how to even reply. Do you know there really isn't a "Help" tab on the Facebook page? So, I did whatever I do when I'm completely embarrassed and clueless--I logged out and decided to return to the safe haven of my blog. Maybe I'll venture into Facebook world again in the morning when I am thinking sharp and clear. Besides, I just realized that I don't think we have any popcorn left so I'm not sure that whole popcorn and a TV show is going to work. And I'm not really sure it would be good for me to eat popcorn at this point. Popcorn always makes me dream and I don't really want to wake up in a cold sweat at 2:14am because of a possible nightmare of Facebook friends chasing me down asking me why I haven't responded. Oh, I hear Joe's truck...he just walked in and he brought popcorn. I'll let you know what my dream is like in the morning...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday's wrap up

I haven't posted much because it is actually spring outside (we even had to put on sun lotion!) and so we've been hanging out there. Here's what we were up to today:

  • I walked 2 1/2 miles this morning in 40 minutes.
  • We were picking up sticks for our burn pile and Nathan decided it would be easier to just pull a branch off the tree rather than walk across the yard and pick the ones up on the ground.
  • John is on a pirate kick so when we went into Kroger today the two of us were searching for treasure. "Aye, matey!" was repeated frequently.
  • I was reminded why I order all my books online these days when I drove to Peoria to pick up a book I ordered a week ago!
  • I stepped on a dirt rake and it snapped up and whacked me in the face--pretty sure it would have made a Three Stooges movie had a video camera been rolling.
  • We took a break from playing outside this afternoon and had orange bars (some of Daddy's favorite) on our front steps.
  • Ashley said that my half eaten orange bar looked like a dinosaur wearing a tutu.
  • Sara read a book about lice and louse to all of us and now we are all convinced that we have it--I'm literally scratching my head in between typing letters.
  • I got another picture of my nephew today. He's really great looking and has the same striking blue eyes that Nathan has.
  • Ashley found a spider crawling on her pillow when she went to bed tonight and said "Well, we should probably get rid of him. That certainly wouldn't be comfortable, would it?!" She was extremely calm. I'm convinced that someday she's going to end up telling some tribe about Jesus in some third world country.

The mighty climbers

The boys discovered our one "climbing" tree in our yard. We had a great apple tree at our last house that they all climbed. This one will grow as the boys grow I'm sure--as long as we can keep Nathan from pulling anymore sticks off of it.