Saturday, October 9, 2010

Going "old school"

John had been requesting Karate Kid for family movie night for awhile. I was confused the first couple of time wondering how he even knew about the classic 1980's movie. Then it finally occurred to me that he was not referring to the great Ralph Macchio Karate Kid...he was referring to the recent Will Smith's son Karate Kid movie. I made an executive decision (since I'm in charge of the Netflix account at our house) that we would go "old school" and watch the 1980's version before we even entertained the idea of watching the 2000 version. It prompted some interesting discussions during family movie night last night:

Yes!, there were gas stations in the 1980's. They are not pushing the car because there is no gas station.

Bonsai trees...I think all my kids want one for Christmas now..and I would like one too! I've wanted one for awhile though.

How we treat others and appropriate responses to how people treat you (how can you not have this conversation when you watch the Karate Kid).

The Japanese camps during WW2. Neither Joe or I remember that part when we originally watched it. That could be because we were in the 5th and 6th grade.

Nathan (without prompting from either of his parents): "You can get hurt doing karate. I don't think you should do it unless someone has taught you how and you need to make sure you have a good teacher." YES!

And, once again, the subject of Joe's memory came up. While Joe didn't remember the WW2 camps being brought up, he remember all the hits (not just the important ones) that Daniel took in the does he do that?!