Sunday, December 28, 2008

hangin' with the cousins

It was the first time in three years that everyone on my side (my sister, me, parents, spouses & kids) were all together. What an awesome weekend! Here are some glimpses of the cousins hanging out together.Grandpa got the older three boys remote control cars for Christmas.Snack time!

Races in Grandpa's yard--and yes, Nathan did just take down his little cousin Hannah

And, alas, (or maybe not alas in your case) my computer battery is quickly dying so I must wait to post more later.

Tree climbing at Grandmas in December

Check it out--December 27th and no coats--and no, my parents do not live in Florida!

Christmas Favorites

Here are some shots of the favorite 2008 Christmas gifts:The new rocker in the family. His guitar has pretty much been attached to his hip since he got it

Ashley: new shirt, new jeans, new Webkinz (Jessica), and, if you look really closely, new fingernail polish

There's a new sheriff in town. He's not real fond of the caps but likes the badge, holster and guns. He's also very fond of his new bow and arrow.

new shirt, new jeans, new Webkinz (Lovely) and again, if you look really closely, new fingernail polish.

Christmas isn't over for them yet though! We are headed for the Horn side tomorrow.