Thursday, September 20, 2007

The journey to Jamaica

Ashley said to me this morning "Mom, do you remember that religion that we learned about? It was the one where people in Southeast Asia had to go to journey to Jamaica once in their lifetime."

Yes, she is a little confused, but who can blame her for thinking Jamaica would be a good destination to have in a religion.

Lite Bologna

Our local grocery story had a mix and match 10 items for $10 sale this week. So I made my way over to the store after I dropped the girls off at school. I was slightly in a hurry because I had made a deal with John that if he was good at the grocery store he could watch Super Readers when we got home. Super Readers starts at 9am so I had exactly 36 minutes when I pulled into the grocery store. So we were off to the races--literally--the boys were riding in the car cart beeping the horn at everyone we saw. Sara loves Bologna. Joe can't figure it out. I think she must get it from me. Anyway, Bologna was one of the mix and match items so I picked up 2 one-pound packages of it among other things. We arrived home at 8:57 and John had been an angel at the store so we ran inside and turned on Super Readers. As I unloaded the groceries I noticed that I had picked up two different kinds of Bologna--one regular and one lite. That's right--Lite Bologna. Let that sink in and then answer this question--who eats lite Bologna? While you answer the question keep in mind that the lite Bologna was not $1. It was $3.19. (I would like to blame the grocery store for putting them near the $1 Bologna, but I will take responsibility for not shopping more closely.) So now I guess the answer to the question, is that we will be eating it. But I will always be curious if there are people out there who actually buy lite Bologna or if it is just people like me who buy it by accident that are eating it.

So are microscopes really a good thing?

Sara brought home a magic school bus book from the library last week. If you are not familiar with the magic school bus, you either don't have kids or your kids aren't very old. The magic school bus is a bus that a science teacher can shrink and travel to all different kinds of places to learn about science. This particular book is about germs. Well, it isn't totally about germs, but that is what I have been focusing on of late partly because Ashley has been sick. Reading this book has almost turned me into a germ phobic. It talks about all the microscopic stuff that you can't see. Yesterday I actually went OCD on washing my hands. Not really sure how many times I washed them, but at one point I caught myself beginning to wash them again right after I had dried them because I couldn't remember if the towel that I used to dry them was clean or not. Had I used the towel before to dry my hands? That is probably a problem. Fortunately, I think we are almost finished with the book. We are on chapter 8. As we finished reading last night, the bus was getting ready to travel inside a boy named Alex's body. BTW, Alex has a horrible cold, so tonight we are going to get to see what a cold does to the inside of a body. Yippee! I am beginning to believe that there is a reason that these things are microscopic. God knew it would freak us out if we could see them. By tomorrow I may not even allow my children to emerge from the house, but whose to say my house is even clean. Maybe Joe should finish up the book for me.