Saturday, March 19, 2011


My kids are getting older. Ashley turns 9 on Tuesday. She's getting her ears pierced. She doesn't know it yet, but, trust me, Joe & I will win the parents of the year award once she finds out. We register Nathan for kindergarten on Friday. Sara enters the 5th grade next fall and John has suddenly grown some long legs this year. With age and physical development, comes brain development and the ability to have some really great conversations...spiritual conversations. Nathan really gets salvation and God's grace at this point. John LOVES talking his Bible with you and made us very proud when he smoked everyone at sword drills at AWANA last Wednesday night.

A trip this past week to the library provoked some conversations with Sara and Ashley. Both approached me with some interesting non-fiction books that they wanted to check out. Sara's was on astronomy and Ashley's was a detailed book on Islam. I agreed with both of them that they looked like fascinating topics and encouraged them to add them to their collection that would be borrowed. So yesterday I was able to engage in conversations about the big bang theory and scientific theories and the purpose behind those theories. I was also able to discuss allah and what makes the one true GOD. All of these conversations were prompted by them when they wanted to talk about what they read. It. was. great. It was great to see them think and begin to critically analyze what they had read and it was great to see them analyze their own belief system. Best of all, I was at peace. I was at peace that my GOD could hold up to the challenges that some of these books might bring to mind in my girls. I want my kids to have their own faith...not just a faith that is there because they were told this is what they should believe. They are starting to approach the ages where their faith will become truly their own faith. And as they go through that process I am not afraid that something will come out from under the rock of academia and eat my GOD. But I desperately pray for them...that sin will not overtake them. I think sin is more dangerous than any book that may challenge their worldview. And in this whole "getting older" stage, I thank God for the 4 precious children I am allowed to raise to adulthood.

Monday, March 14, 2011

It's Monday and WOW!.....

Daylight Savings Time is really affecting me this time. Who am I kidding? Daylight Savings Time affects me every spring and every fall. I blame it on the fact that I didn't have to change my clock when I grew up in Hoosierland. I've been in a haze the last day. I'm hoping that it improves with the coffee I'm drinking right now. Here's what's been going on here the last few days:

John is star of the week at school. Since they have a short week this week (P/T conferences and Teacher's institute) his star of the week started the middle of last week. I think his proudest moment was to get to sit in his teacher's chair when he shared his show and tell items on Friday.

Big news...once again involving John. He has all his teeth. This may seem like a really strange announcement to some people. But our children have family history on both sides of missing permanent teeth. Sara has already continued the family legacy by having one missing (She's blessed...I am missing two and her aunt is also missing two). John's front top tooth has been missing since November so we were getting a little worried. He had his regular dentist appointment this past week and they did x-rays to ease a parent's mind.

I think it is going to be a museum family vacation this summer. (Shhh, don't tell the kids. We are going to surprise them.) We discovered that we could get a family membership at a local museum and it is reciprocal with several museums in Chicago. This is a big deal for a family of 6. I'm excited. I haven't been to the Museum of Science and Industry since the 8th grade and I've never been to the Field Museum.

Ashley's spring concert for school is coming up and she has lines! She is so. very. excited. She's had her lines memorized for several weeks. They aren't required to know them until the middle of this week.

Okay, now for the weekly weight loss (in keeping with my word to my husband that I would post this every week)....I was up a pound. But I'm not really worried about it. I ate right and I am actually becoming a runner. It also helps that I bought a dress last week in a size that I haven't worn since...well, I don't really remember when I wore this size dress. It had to be high school or maybe college. I certainly haven't worn this size since I've been married. Not sure if the wedding gown would fit...I may be a similar weight but with four kids things definitely have shifted.

And....I actually am enjoying running. NEVER thought I would say that. I ran 4 miles last week. This morning I did intervals and finished up with a slow run. Some things I've realized this past week: a clock moves faster when you are on the walking portion of your intervals then it does on the spring portion; some people exercise to the weather channel at the gym. I do. not. understand. this.; I had to borrow Joe's iPod last week because mine was dead (forgot to charge it). If you want to identify differences in Joe & I, just listen to our exercise playlists. Wow! Never has it been more true that he is a little bit country and I am a little bit rock 'n roll. I cannot run to Josh Turner's Long Black Train. According to him, the train sound does wonders. Really?