Friday, October 24, 2008

My blog list (is it really a list if there is only one???)

The hubster is bringing pizza home for supper so in his honor I started my own blog list on the right side. He's been requesting to be listed for awhile now. I figure it is the least I could do since he is feeding us tonight. This turned out to be slightly more complicated then I realized. First of all, he has consistently called it a "blog roll". There is no such thing in my list of "blogger gadgets". So after first being confused (and distracted--kids can be that way sometimes), I figured the "blog list" must be the same thing. Once I got Joe's blog listed (the Bullhorn), I got into it and began adding some other blogs. Now it is down right embarrassing to say how many blogs I read on occasion. When I started adding them I realized that you really don't want to see all of them. So I would need to be selective. Once I realized this I began to feel the same awkwardness that I felt when I had to choose bridesmaids for my wedding. You know the feeling..."well, if I ask her then I will have to ask her and if I ask her then I will need to include her, etc" Before you know it you can see why some women end up with 15 or more bridesmaids. So I decided to do what I did with my wedding--stick with family. Then I realized that half my family's blogs are private so I couldn't exactly advertise them. And so that is how we ended up with just Joe's blog listed on my blog list--enjoy!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

an emergency???

So about 20 minutes ago I saw our local cable company (there's only one in the town that I live in) race down my street with the yellow light on top of the van flashing. Now what kind of emergency constitutes a cable company even needing a yellow flashing light let alone racing down a residential street? Oh no! Is someone missing Oprah?!

Current happenings

Here's exactly what is happening right now at my house:

We are all listening to the radio and the dishwasher

Ashley is dancing around the living room singing "o my monster, o my monster, o my monster, frankenstein"

Sara is reading Ashley's school library book about the planets.

John is "reading" his Blue's Clue book

Nathan is trying to convince me that I need to vaccuum the couch. He's already taken half the cushions off. BTW, it is clean. I just vaccuumed it last week.

I'm sitting next to a box of kleenexes wondering how long my cold is going to stick around since the kids (except Sara of course) have had theirs for about a week and I'm day number 2. I'm also staring at the chicken that needs to be pounded for supper.

Well, blogging time is over. Ashley is now doing ballerina twirls (kind of) and attempting to teach John how to do them. Nathan is shouting "cannonball" off the couch. And the chicken isn't going to pound itself.