Friday, January 16, 2009

Our record breaking week

Lots of records were broken for our house this week. Well, I guess I should define "lots"--maybe 3 or 4. But when you are breaking records, 3 or 4, is a lot of records. I mean look how famous Michael Phelps is and he only broke one record (yes, I will concur that it was a huge record to break!) Anyway, here's our record breaking week....let's just say I don't remember the last time I was so glad to see Friday get here:

  1. I haven't heard the "official" word, but I just checked the temperature and am fairly certain we broke a record low last night. My poor, poor has been chugging away all night.
  2. It is the first time that an illness has gone through 4 members of our family (all the ones who still have their tonsils). I'm pretty sure it actually went through 5, but I can't absolutely definitively say that Ashley's spots on her face are related to the strep. Don't think I want to pay for a doctor's visit just to prove my point & the antibiotic cream is working great on clearing them up. So we'll just go with 4. That's still an impressive bacteria.
  3. It is the first time my kids have missed 3 days in a row due to "snow" days. (Poor Sara didn't get to go to school all week because she was sick Monday & Tuesday.) I call it "snow" days because I think technically they missed yesterday and today because it was too cold--not because of the snow. In any case, it is still a record for my girls and I must say I wasn't prepared for it. And when you aren't prepared to have all four kids in the house without the ability to go outside, at all (due to record number 1), chaos can ensue. Today I'm hoping that the chaos will be a little bit more organized.
  4. And, finally, it is the first time in my life I've ever had strep throat. Fortunately, I just got the really sore throat. My kids were gracious enough not to pass the vomiting and scarlet rash that went along with theirs. (And, BTW, Nathan does NOT like to vomit. Well, who does? But this was his first time, and it was not pretty--especially after he figured out what it felt like right before he was going to do it. Let's just say we have a runner...)
Well, my coffee is finished and it might get cold if I don't get it now!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

my current realization

I just realized two things: 1. This is the coldest it has ever been while Joe & I have been married and 2. There is an 80 degree difference between inside my house and outside my house.

WOW! That's some cold!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Top ten signs that you had the flu...

Yep, I had the flu and am still in recovery mode. Well, I didn't go get a blood test done or anything so I'm can't definitively say that it was technically "the influenza". But if it wasn't "the flu" then they should change the definition of what "the flu" actually is because what I had should definitely be classified as "the flu"! So here are what I deem the top ten signs that you have "the flu" (in no particular order):

  • Even though your hips are killing you, you don't want to turn over in bed because you know that you will freeze to death because the other sheets will be cold.
  • You go through 5 t-shirts in one night because the fever keeps breaking and then coming back.
  • You know that the toilet seat must have been set outside in the 20 degree snow because it really feels that cold!
  • You are tempted to blog at 2am because you are convinced that maybe that will take your mind off of how horrible you feel.
  • You start thinking about all the phone calls that your husband should be making when (not if) he takes you to the hospital.
  • You wonder why the electric throw blanket that you always think is waaay too hot feels not hot enough when it is set on high--it must be broken.
  • You never realized that there were muscles in your pinky toes that could ache.
  • You need your husband and you call him on your cell phone even though you are in bed and he is just down the hall in the kitchen.
  • You didn't realize that death was going to be so painful because you are convinced that you are going to die.
  • And you know that Monday existed, but other then vague recollections like you get from a bad nightmare, you really don't remember much.