Saturday, March 10, 2012

Boys will be boys...

I love my boys. I was just commenting to Joe this morning how my boys have surprised me. For example, my boys are much more huggy and snugly than my girls were at this age. Could be personality differences or just a boy thing...hard to know for sure but I think it might be a boy thing.

And then there are things that are not that surprising but still, for some reason, catch me off today next to the deli counter at Kroger. I spied the coleslaw that we'd had a few weeks ago at a church event. It was delicious. I know, right? Delicious deli coleslaw? But, yes, this was so good I had to get confirmation from about 3 different people that it was store bought and not homemade. Joe went to get some the other day and they were out. Evidently it is pretty popular. So I saw it today and headed to the deli line to get it. (Unfortunately, it wasn't as good this time around..sad...) Anyway, the boys and I were waiting for the chatty guy in front of us to get his meat for the week, and Nathan starts his chattiness. Actually he wasn't starting, he was launching into a new topic. Nathan: "Mom, did you know that farts and burps are actually gas leaving your body?" Me: "Umm, yes, Nathan, I did know that." Nathan: "Yeah, see there is gas in your body and there is this round...." I won't go into any more details about what he said because, frankly, it gets rather graphic. I just stood there somewhat speechless with my eyes getting big paralyzed into silence. John pipes up : "Nathan, I don't think that is appropriate right now." Me: "Um, yeah, what your brother is saying. And where did you learn that?!" Nathan: "Beakman's World". Evidently Beakman's World covers all topics of science. And now the deli gal knows all about how the body works too....

Oh, and completely side topic....another child down with the stomach bug tonight. Here's hoping I won't miss church again tomorrow. That would be 3 out of the last 4 Sundays that I have missed. Yikes, someone might start wondering about their pastor's wife...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday tidbits

So here's what has been going on here today:

  • Another call from the school, another child comes home....sigh.
  • I bought John a new pair of jeans today thinking they would be big on him, but get us through spring and fit him great next fall. But, alas, they fit him great right now. Size? 12! And at age 8 my John-John is no longer little.
  • Nathan got a new pair of jeans too...size 10. Again, thought they would be too big...sigh... (in fairness, I think they are a "big" size 10).
  • We have Girl Scout cookies in the house. Mmmmm.....
  • Nathan told me the interrupting cow knock-knock joke this morning. By far one of my favorite knock-knock jokes. I laughed again...never do I tire of hearing a good knock-knock joke.
  • I am truly embarrassed by how many clothes I bought at our local second hand store today. But it got warm and after literally 5 cloth changes the other morning for the girls we realized that they desperately needed some new clothes for this spring and summer. And at $1.50/clothing item I am totally not embarrassed by how many clothes I got for such a little price.
  • I am knitting Joe a blanket. It is camouflage color, of course. I am only a few years late on my promise so hopefully I will get it done by the end of the year.
  • I am in my Colts blue today and feeling homesick for my Hoosier state. I find it odd how something like a favorite football player leaving my favorite team can bring on those feelings.
  • Joe just shared something really hilariously with me, but I can't share it with you. Sorry...
  • Speaking of Joe, he offered to fry up some deer steak for supper tonight. I think I will take him up on his offer....

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fevers, and sneezes, and vomit, OH MY!

It is a gorgeous spring day outside and my windows are open and the Lysol can out. We have had sickness in our house literally for weeks. A couple of weeks ago we had a vicious respiratory flu go through four of the six of us and we really haven't all been well since. I was one of the two that didn't get the flu, but my body finally waved the white flag of surrender last week to the germs that had been plaguing us. I didn't have a voice most of last week. Just when I felt I was in the final stretch, I got the stomach bug with accompanying fever that Ashley brought home at the end of the week. The pretty much flattened me over the weekend. By Sunday night I was feeling more myself and noticed the sneezes of the youngest. And so it has begun again....Nathan and Ashley are down for the count with this cold. Fortunately it is just a really, really bad cold so far so no more school has been missed. So I say a giant "HELLO!" to this spring day. Welcome, welcome, welcome warm weather, robins and germ free (well, mostly) seasons!