Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Friday

I feel like I've been celebrating Easter for a couple of weeks and it has been a good feeling. I've been reconnecting with my family. My parents came for a visit last week. Now that they are retired I see less of them then I did before they were retired. That makes since, right? It is for a good reason. They now work for a RV missions organization and are traveling a lot...especially in the winter. So my visits with them, especially after their January - March travel period, are sweet. We had a good time with them. For Ashley it really meant a lot since her spring concert at school was last week and she got to have her grandparents present while she did her lines and sang her heart out. She does not shy away from expressing herself!

This week the kids and I traveled about 11 hours to see my sister and her kids. This trip is just the sisters and the kids as the husbands are both working hard to take care of us. Kim is getting ready to move again (the life of a dedicated Air Force family). This time it will take them further west. That combined with the fact that their oldest starts school in the fall (he's exactly one month older than Nathan) means that we have no idea when we will see each other again. So we have been trying to make the most of our visit. With 7 kids ages 2-10, that means parks and coloring. Today we head to the zoo.

Happy Friday...that is what Nathan calls this Holy day. He has started correcting himself the last few days at the insistence of his siblings, but I kind of like the innocence of the mistake. He can't remember its "official name" but has a clear understanding of what today represents...the pain and piercing of Jesus so we can be happy.