Tuesday, February 3, 2009

She looks like me!

This is my oldest daughter Sara. Beautiful, isn't she. This picture was taken in December after she had just lost a tooth--it was where the hole is.
This, of course, is me. It was taken in December also right after the haircut. See the resemblance? It's okay; I don't either. Ever since she was born I've been searching for some kind of physical symbol that she is my kid. Up until yesterday the only thing that has surfaced is the freckles--we've both got them. Yesterday though it became obvious that she is, in fact, in a physical way my kid. She's missing a tooth. You are probably thinking "of course she is, she's 7 and that's what happens to baby teeth. They fall out." Well, I'm not talking about baby teeth. I'm talking about permanent teeth. If you don't know me real well, you may not be aware that I am missing two permanent teeth in the front. They are the two on either side of my top two front teeth. I have a bridge on each size. It's genetic and yesterday at the orthodontist we discovered that Sara is missing one of the same teeth that I am. (I should also tell you at the this point that Joe's sister happens to be missing the same two teeth that I am, but I claim the fact that Sara is missing hers. I'm her mother!). Anyway, that was the bad news. The good news is that she also got her dad's small mouth so they think they can correct it without implants or bridges. Yeah! Unfortunately that also means that we are starting down the road of expanders, braces, retainers, etc. Ashley had all her teeth but there is no where in her mouth for them. So she is going to have baby teeth pulled, expander, night gear, retainers, etc. If we didn't do this for her I think she would literally have three rows of teeth on the top and on the bottom. I literally gasped at the bill and found at least 10 more gray hairs on my head when I got home. I was feeling blessed that I still had my hair--I thought for sure it was going to fall out from the shock!

Sleeping like a baby (or maybe better than a baby)

My husband works very, very hard for our family. It is one of many reasons that I respect him. He is also a night owl. I am not. I am a morning bird. So I am almost always up before he is--unless it is deer or duck season then he is totally a morning bird and gets up before I do which is really, really early. It's not deer or duck season right now, so he's in his night owl routine. I usually let him sleep in because, like I said before, he works really hard and he deserves some sleep. I usually try very hard to keep the house quiet for him, but he is a hard sleeper in the morning which helps. In fact, he's still sleeping right now which is extremely amazing considering what he has had to sleep through this morning:

  • I fell over the pillows on the floor in our room on the way to the bathroom this morning. I didn't want to turn the lights on.
  • Nathan hollering from his room (which is right next to ours): Can I get up now?
  • Me, as I was on my way to tell him that no, you can't get up yet, stepping on the Spiderman sit and spin and it shouting out "WOOHOO! Let's go!" and then playing rock music. In my panic I grabbed it and actually went into our bedroom only to say "I'm sorry" and ran back out again. Not sure what I was thinking on that.
  • Me whisper shouting from our bathroom across our bedroom into the boys room "No, you can't get up until I get out of the shower!"
  • The hairdryer--need I say more on that one.
  • The boys running from their room to the office so they could watch Bugs Bunny
  • Me briefly waking Joe up and asking him if he remembered where he put the living room TV remote the night before
  • Me turning on a small light in our bedroom searching for the remote
  • Me pounding on the office door whisper shouting that they (the boys) needed to unlock the office door or else
  • Me very sternly telling Nathan "NO!" as he unlocks the office door and hands me the living room remote
  • FoxNews playing in the living room with the volume up way too high (not sure how I slept through Joe's hunting shows last night with it that loud).

I'm just thankful that Joe probably won't remember any of that.