Thursday, August 11, 2011

It felt a little like fall today...

and that was wonderful! It is beginning to act a little bit more like fall around here to due to football which both the boys started this week, but more on that in a couple of bullet points. First, I'm feeling much better. I really appreciate all your prayers for me!! I am so tremendously blessed with family and God's family in my life. So here has been what has been going on besides interesting discussions concerning what is wrong with me...

  • School is around the corner and all four kids got officially registered. We know who their teachers are and are looking forward to next Tuesday. Sara and Ashley both have 1st year teachers so we don't know them, but I'm sure they will be filled with energy and creativity. The boys are pretty pumped about it as well. It is such a blessing to have kids who like school.

  • My house has been very, very neglected this summer. It is typical for me to neglect it in the summer because I prefer to be outside doing fun stuff with the kids. But with my health issues it is in an extraordinary condition. So the last couple of days it has been boot camp at our house trying to get stuff organized before next week. I purged...a lot. If you stop by our local Helping Hands I'm sure you will see some of it on hand. I feel like I can actually go into our basement now. Before I always held my breath and closed my eyes as I blindly searched for what I needed. It is pretty much the kids' domain down there, but it was very overcrowded. We should be better equipped to keeping it organized now.

  • I'm officially off caffeinated coffee now. It's sad and we will just leave it at that. (At least the headaches are now gone. I'm sure my family is glad about that!)

  • Couple of quotes from Nathan lately: He had to pick up sticks the other day and Joe bribed him (bribary seems to work around here sometimes). For every stick he picked up, he got a chocolate chip. His statement to me the morning after: "Mom, remember all those chocolate chips I ate because I picked up sticks? I don't think I'm going to do that again. It didn't make me feel so good." And according to Nathan "It wasn't real football practice because we didn't even see a football."

  • Yes, the boys are playing flag football this year. I'm pretty excited about which I realize may be a rare mom reaction to her sons playing football. I'll just need to learn to whisper my cheers from the sidelines. It is flag football and they do a good job of teaching the basics, letting them try all the different positions, etc. Just in case you are concerned, the coaches assured the boys that they will get to see a football on Monday. Additional benefits to football....two boys who enjoy going to bed at night (this is especially a plus for my energizer bunny Nathan). The downside...I need to buy more food.

  • Look for first day of school pics next week....they will be a little different this year as they will include a yellow bus. Yes, the kids are riding the bus this year. Three are very excited and one is pretty much mad at me...well, mad may be an understandment, but I think he/she will adjust.

  • Okay time to sign off it is bedtime here...we've shifted to our school schedule. I think it is harder on me than on them. I really enjoyed not seeing any of them until 7:30 at the earliest in the mornings (not that I don't love my children, but quiet, peaceful mornings are kind of sweet)....hmmm, that still may happen in the morning.