Friday, September 19, 2008

You have not because you have asked not...

that is Nathan's philosophy in life. Small example (things like this happen all the time). Joe & John left earlier this morning for a father/son trip to the rodeo. He does this with a group of guys once a year. I found out this year that evidently there is a rule that the son must be at least 3. He mumbled something about potty training and diapers (chickens, I say, chickens). Anyway, so that left just me and Nathan to hang out this morning. I asked Nathan where he wanted to go. He responded..."um, I think, probably, the beach" And, no, we haven't moved. We don't live anywhere near the beach. Can't blame the kid for trying...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Words I never dreamed I'd say...

No, Spiderman does not liked to be peed on...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


update: we are down to two sick, still have spots (but they are fading), Nathan sounds like Darth Vader (don't tell John--he'll try to get sick), Ashley is going on new allergy medicine if the pharmacy can ever get it in (I will call the next time before I go--I've learned my lesson with two trips sans new scrip), the neighborhood cat is not my friend, and the only thing I got off my to do list this morning was mowing the back hayfield (backyard).

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Oh, and I forgot to mention spots....Nathan also has spots.

My two new best friends

Well, I think we've set a record related to sickness at our house. Now it is pretty impressive when we set a record because there generally isn't very much that we haven't seen--I mean we've had hospitalizations every year for the last 6 (and this does not include child birth!). We haven't been to the hospital yet this year--should I even say that? Anyway, our new record--4 out of 6 are currently ill. Sara, whom we've affectionately dubbed "the immune system of steel girl" and I are the only two that have escaped. Fortunately, I don't think anyone has anything serious. Three have stomach stuff, one has a weird fever and nothing else (probably what doctors call a "virus" (something they call it when they can't find anything specifically wrong) and one has croup. Now if your brain is in gear this morning and you've done the math you can see that what I just listed equals 5 people not 4 people. That is because one has both stomach & croup. Yes, I think that is a first as well. It is probably the same virus. He's (Nathan) getting checked out at noon so we'll see if it "virus" or something else. Anyway, introducing my two new best friends (even if they don't work, they give me hope! well, pic upload isn't working so you will just have to stay in suspense. Time to go to the doctor...):

Monday, September 15, 2008

my crisis

I think I'm going through a mid-30s life crisis. I refuse to call it a mid-life crisis because I'm convinced that I will live past age 70. I do, however, have those days where I look to the sky and say "please come back today Jesus!". Anyway, maybe mid-30s life crisis isn't an appropriate name. Maybe it is a toddler mommy crisis. I have felt this desperate need to work my brain lately. I don't know what has caused it--perhaps too many days filled with a lot of potty training talk, perhaps it is the fact that in the last month I have lost or almost lost at least 4 important documents, or it could be that my 2nd grader's spelling words are becoming too challenging for me. Whatever the cause is, it is being reflected in my behavior. I've spent the free time in my evenings doing trivia challenges--most recently this has consisted of world capitols. (Did you know that Belize is a Central American country that borders Mexico?) I've also been playing memory games. And this weekend there was a definite sign that strange things are afoot with mom--I worked a puzzle and it wasn't a 50 piece floor puzzled of a barn or a princess castle. It was a 600 piece world map puzzle with oddly shaped pieces and a lot of ocean. I don't like puzzles. I finished it in a day. Something odd is definitely going on...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

my boys

So as we were desperately trying to convince Ashley that Disney toys were no longer discontinued (see previous post) Christmas was entered into the conversation. How can you talk about Disney toys and not talk about Christmas? That prompted the following conversation with our boys:

John: I want a helmet for Christmas.
Mom: What kind of helmet John(thinking perhaps Darth Vader or Emperial fighters--he's really into Star Wars at the moment)
John: A bicycle helmet. I need one to protect my brain while I'm riding my bike.
Mom: John you already have one of those. But if you start wearing it, do you think you could ride your bike without your training wheels?
John (completely horrified): NO! I need both the helmet and the training wheels to keep me safe.
Nathan: I want a helmet too.
Mom: That's great Nathan.
Nathan (after a brief pause and a glance out the van window): I want a helmet and a motorcycle like that one.

Seriously, could they be any different?