Thursday, December 4, 2008

the winter fruit

The winter of fruit at our house is.....grapefruit! Surprised? That is the one fruit that all my kids like and ask for (well, they all like apples, but they don't exactly crave them). And I can honestly say that I don't even put much sugar on them--just enough to cut the tartness. Here's some pics of them enjoying their afternoon snack.A big thumbs up from Nathan

Good to the last drop!

The must sees of the day

The girls wanted to be sure I took pictures of them today. Here are the things that they thought you must see:

Ashley is celebrating the fact that her hair is long enough to put into pig tails (barely! but they amazingly stayed put all day)

Sara pulled her own tooth at school today so it will be a little bit more difficult for her to eat all those wonderful Christmas cookies although I'm sure she'll manage.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Overheard at the breakfast table this morning...

Cyara (the girl I babysit): I don't like eggs. The chick is still in it. Gross!
Sara: No it's not
Cyara: How do you know?
Sara: The chick is only in there if the rooster salts the egg.
Cyara: Are you sure?
Sara: Yep, I know that is what happens. I learned it in first grade.

Begs the salt, sea salt, regular table salt??? Inquiring minds want to know! (I did ask the question, but she didn't know.)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A couple more favorites..

Snow pants

I love snow pants! Actually I've never worn them, but aren't they awesome! I didn't always feel this way about snow pants. When Sara was entering kindergarten I got her school supply list and was excitedly making my list before I did the Walmart run for the first time as a parent of a school-aged child. I think I was more excited then Sara. Anyway, I was writing...markers, 2 packs of crayons, 2 glue sticks, 2 boxes of Kleenexes, snow pants. WAIT! What was that? Snow pants on a school list. My thought...seriously, are they really necessary?? I never wore snow pants. If long underwear and two pairs of jeans were good enough for me, my five year can certainly survive the winter without snow pants. However, I trekked to the store when fall hit and very grudgingly bought my family's first pair of snow pants. Come to find out they ban any children from playing in the snow on the playground if they don't wear snow pants. (wimps I say, wimps!) So when it snowed (which it did quite a bit in Iowa--where we lived at the time) I packed her up in them and sent her off to school. Then came the day that there was a snow day and I sent the kids out to play at home. WOW! They are the greatest invention ever. She was totally dry and stayed completely warm. And no more layer upon layer upon layer of clothing to the point that you can barely move. What a novel idea--actually being able to walk out the door when you go out to play in the winter. So from then on I've been sold on the idea of snow pants to the point that I freak out when they get in the snow without them. I'm afraid I've turned them into wimps, but I still love snow pants.

My guys

Okay, I am just going to start out by apologizing to my girls--I am posting a lot more pictures of the guys then I did of them. This was not intentional. I'm just not around them as much as I am the boys since they are in school all day *sigh*. I will make it a point to snap some of them tomorrow. Here's some recent shots of the guys in my life.... My butcher man

What a better way to spend a snowy afternoon than snuggling on the couch

Nathan said "good-bye" to his blanket when he turned three and then 2 days later he said "hello" to Rosie the bear his new best friend
Aren't they handsome?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Note to self...

the next time your boys are fighting over the spiderman boots when there is no snow outside and you hide them to prevent the fighting--write down where you put them!! Then when it is snowing and one of your boys actually needs to wear them you can find them!

(P.S. I put Nathan on the task and he found them before bed. That child may become one of the world's greatest detectives.)