Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sara's long summer

Sara had to write a paper on what she did over the summer. I asked her what she said she did in her paper. She said “pack”. So I think she wrote her paper about packing. Then, feeling like a very lame parent, I started listing all the other things that she did over the summer—this included going to Grandpa and Grandma Horn’s for a week. As I reminded her of this, she said “That was this year?”. It has obviously been a long summer of packing.

I think the stress is taking its toll

Sara said to me the other day "Mommy, who was born first in our family?"
I replied "I was"
Sara responded "I thought so. You look A LOT older than Daddy"
Now Daddy's birthday is tomorrow and I am only 3 months older than Daddy. I tried to explain this to Sara, but she just stared at me suspiciously. I think she thought I was lying. I think the stress is starting to take its toll on my body. That has to be it...

Warning-the following post may have a slightly bitter tone

I now have my driver's license for my new state. However, I was informed that it was completely unacceptable that my social security card had my maiden name on it and that in 4 years when it was time to renew I would probably have a hard time unless my social security card was changed. So it's okay for me to have it now, but I can't renew it in 4 years? (BTW, I did have it changed when I was married. I just couldn't track down the newest card.) She also told me that I would have a hard time if I ever needed to collect social security benefits. Do I look that old? I was beginning to understand the sign that said absolutely no inappropriate language would be tolerated. We also left without the plates for our vehicles. I guess we have to take our loan documentation in for one of them and our car title in for the other. Yes, we have to retitle our truck in order to get plates. I informed Joe that he could get the plates because I refuse to make 5 trips to the DMV. I must admit I lost my patience today and hopefully wasn't a horrible witness to the lady. I almost started crying but I was afraid the lady would call me a wimp. As a point of really good news, I passed my test with flying colors! I didn't miss any. And I think that is a feat considering it was 20 multiple choice questions AND 15 signs. However, just as I was feeling relief I found out that they randomly select people to have to retake the test to renew their licenses so in another four years I may be experiencing the same jitters. And so I am determined to leave this topic behind me for now--even though I will be reminded of it everytime I see my signature on my license which is completely unreadable--that is a whole other story in and of itself.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

When the third time is not a charm..

This is what I learned today on my third and not final trip to the license branch. I didn't read well enough yesterday. In case you were wondering this is what you need to get a driver's license for the state that I now live in:

My current license from a different state
My social security card
My birth certificate or passport
Some official paperwork with my address to prove my residency
AND I have to take the written driving test!

I haven't taken the test since I was 16! And since I found out I have to retake it I feel the same kind of anticipation that I felt when I was 16. It is that jittery, semi-excited anticipation. This could go really, really well or it could go really, really bad. I mean--what if I fail???!!! How embarassing would that be and it would also put me in a pickle on getting my kids to school each day. I keep telling myself that if a 16 year old can pass it surely someone who has been driving for almost 20 years could pass it. As I glanced through the manual I discovered that I need to catch up on my law--is drunk driving 3 times considered a felony or a misdemeanor??? And so my light nighttime reading tonight will be the driver's manual.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mission not accomplished...

I don't have my driver's license yet. (Oh, BTW, I am back online now. So good to be back...) Anyway, I don't have my new license yet even though I've already made two trips to the branch. I woke up Monday and that was the number one item on my agenda after I took the girls to school. (The boys were still with Grandma and Grandpa.) I was thinking through my agenda after I got out of the shower and looked at my face in the mirror. Sure enough there on the end of my nose was a bright red blemish--okay, pimple. "Perfect!" I said to Joe. Joe said "It could be worse. Like what if you had to be naked for your picture." I conceded that he was right and decided to persevere. So I drove the 20 minutes over the river to the nearest branch. As I pulled up I was feeling really good because the parking lot was empty. Then I realized it was empty because they were closed. So I turned around and went home. The next day I determined that I was going to get my driver's license. I arrived took my number (10 to be exact), took my seat and quickly learned that they were now serving number 5. I settled in waiting for my turn and began to look around for some entertainment. I was not disappointed. The first point of entertainment was a lady who was clearly addicted to her Bluetooth ear piece and her cell phone. At one point she was in the bathroom--a one room stall right next to the waiting seats--and her phone rang--or should I say sang. It was at this point she answered the phone--yes--while she was in the bathroom--and then proceeded to ask the caller if they could please hold. Then she stepped out of the bathroom, set her phone on a chair, went back into the bathroom, flushed, washed her hands, and then returned to phone and began apologizing for the wait. I'm not sure which was more entertaining--listening to the lady who thought she was almighty phone woman or watching the lady next to me roll her eyes everytime the other lady's phone rang. After watching her my attention was directed to the counter. One of the attendants was commenting to an older lady that she was the first driver all day that had passed her driver's test. None of the other three passed because their cars wouldn't work. As I was glancing at the counter I started thinking about getting my new license and was wondering how they would know my old Iowa license was really mine. At that point I read the sign that listed all the other forms of ID that you would need if you were applying for this state's license for the first time. I, of course, did not have any of the above said items, and so I turned in my number 10 and left. Maybe I will get back sometime later this week for more entertainment...