Thursday, January 13, 2011

God is real

Today I am so thankful for a teacher's aid who was able to keep church and state separate and still encourage a child who wanted to know more about God by introducing her to my daughter. I am thankful for my daughter's courage and absolute boldness in the Lord and that she somehow manages to proclaim God without self-righteousness and judgment of others. Instead it creates respect for her among her peers. I am thankful for an invitation that was accepted by the new friend and a mom who was willing to bring her to a church she knew absolutely nothing about and knew no one there. I am thankful for God's word being spoken and an awareness for the first time to a child that God is real.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Things that made me happy today...

  • Vision insurance! For the first time since leaving Dallas we have vision insurance and it looks like we are going to put it to good use. Ashley went to the eye doctor again today...a little over 6 months after her last visit. They moved her "3 clicks" and now she has the same prescription as me. I've got to claim this one on my side. Joe has overly perfect eyesight. My sister, me, mom and dad...not so much.
  • A child who comes home from school excited! Sara came home super pumped about her homework assignment. It is a poster project on the state of South Dakota.
  • Nathan took a nap! I know this is unusual for me to be excited about -- a 5 year old sleeping. But, seriously, the boy needed a nap today.

  • This goofy smile John gave me when I asked him if he liked his hair that way...long and sticking out. His answer was "Yes!". I think he just doesn't want me to cut it.
  • The smell of homemade bread and roast in the crockpot. Can you tell I didn't "work" at my job today. I only had Nathan all day. Mmmm, smells so good. Perfect for a snowy and very cold night like tonight.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wow, do I need to listen better and...

prioritize what I correct. I had the following conversation with Nathan on the way to pick up Ashley and John from school. We had just gotten into the car.

Nathan: Icicles taste gooder than ice.
Me: Better...icicles taste better Nathan.
Nathan: Yeah, icicles are gooder mom.
Me: Gooder isn't a word Nathan. Icicles taste better.
Nathan: Oh, icicles taste better than ice.
Me: (after a pause and a light bulb moment) Where did you get the icicle Nathan?
Nathan: Ummmmm......
Me: Don't eat icicles off the car Nathan!