Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What are they putting in those these days?

Nathan just came out of his room and asked me if he could wear his tennis shoes today. Then he proceeded to explain why he wanted to wear them.

"Because they make me go faster and they fill my bike up with fuel so it can go super fast."

I need to look more closely at what kind of tennis shoes I'm buying this boy.

BTW, what four year old uses the word "fuel". The other day he called the cartoon bad guy a "villain". Maybe he's reading the dictionary when I'm not looking.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The final week

We are in the final week of school here and so much work is getting done. Yeah right! The third graders are moving to a different school next year so Sara informed me last Friday that they were done with school work for the year because this week they were going to pack. Well, surely, I thought, they will just pack for a little each day. Nope, yesterday they packed, watched a movie (if they wanted), did "artwork", I think they went to music class, and pretty much partied all day. Friday she gets to go see Shrek 4 because she did all her homework this year. She even gets popcorn and pop..she opted for the lemonade though because she is not a pop drinker. (Do you think they'll let me into the 3rd grade next year? Sounds kind of fun...) I should add into this that Sara's class did work really, really hard this year and it is nice to see them having some down time the last few days. I think of all the classes John's kindergarten class is doing the most work this week. But if I had 20 5 & 6 year olds in my class I would stay pretty structured as well. The highlight for his week is walking to the library on Wednesday and he is going to get his very own library card. I'm excited for him. Any bets on how long it will take before we lose it? I need to find a place that we always put our cards so that our preparation for library trips are more fun. Ashley is super pumped about field day on Friday. She's in the 2nd grade and they are the oldest at her school, so I'm thinking she thinks they (or one of the second grade classes) are shoo ins for winning the tug of war. Either that or she's just excited that she gets to throw water balloons at the teachers. For the teacher's sake, let's hope it is warmer Friday then it was last year. We technically finish school next Monday. It is a half a day which has totally thrown the kids for a loop. I've gotten questions like..."Why do we have to go Monday? Why is it only a half day?" We are definitely looking forward to Tuesday when late nights and hopeful corresponding late mornings can begin!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'll know to ask the next time...

So it was a busy day yesterday...laundry, bike ride with the kids, cleaning (it had been two weeks since I'd was Mother's Day last week! Lots of people at the house today so it had to be cleaned), trip to Walmart, more laundry, more cleaning and I was fairly fried by the end of the day. So when the smell of wonderful coffee wafted into the living room while Joe was tucking the kids into bed, I grabbed a cup and settled in for some relaxation. It was mighty tasty so I went for cup number two. About 9pm, which is very close to the time that I normally head to bed, I began feeling quite awake. Turns out my husband made full strength coffee at 7pm instead of decaf. We were able to clean up our DVR by watching some of the stuff that we'd recorded. I think Joe secretly planned it. He's always convinced we are going to run out of hours on our DVR. Anyway, I've paid for it today for my midnight bedtime and you can be sure I will ask the next time I decide to enjoy a cup of java. Now if I can just stay awake until the kids go to bed.