Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Horn children Christmas meeting

Last Saturday morning the annual Horn children Christmas meeting convened around 8am. Sara was appointed secretary and was responsible for initialing each toy that was desired for Santa's list this Christmas. As you can see, this meeting is taken very seriously at our house and was very productive this year.

Girly Night

I was feeling brave last night--well, brave and very busy. Sara wanted her fingernails painted and I didn't have much timee, so I decided that the girls could paint their own fingernails. So after taking proper precautions (multiple threats about getting it on stuff other than the fingernails with multiple towels laid on the counter), they went at it. I must say, they did a great job, I think. Maybe even better than if I had done it for them. I even got in the spirit and painted my toes bright pink--nope you don't get to see pics of them.

Sara's pretty pink
Ashley's pretty pink
Proof of 1st time success. They didn't even have to wipe any off their skin.

John's new hobby

I am not a puzzle fan. Actually, that is putting it mildly. Working a puzzle is probably one of the last things I would choose to do in my free time. John has recently decided that he LOVES puzzles. And his 25 piece puzzles were becoming too easy so I went in search of a 50 piece one for him. Unfortunately, in a town this size, puzzles don't come in many sizes or varieties. So we came home with this one--a lion that was 100 piece. He really wanted a dinosaur one, so maybe we will attempt that at Christmas. So we spent the day the other day working this one 3 times. Ahh, the things you will do for your kids...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy Autumn

It has become a family tradition to do pictures in the leaves every year. Okay, it might not be a family tradition--I think it is just a mom tradition. I'm determined to do it every year. I've included this year's pictures. And, since I don't have a video camera, I thought you would like the commentary that went along with the pictures.
Okay, that was good. Ashley, why don't you try sitting up in the next one. And, even though we've never done it before, let's try to add Nathan to the picture this year. (After playing tug of war with Nathan, I decided the sidewalk chalk and blanket could be included this year as well). John, look at me please. Seriously, Ashley can you sit up.Nathan, please don't eat the chalk. Nathan, Nathan, I'm over here. Better Ashley, but I kind of meant your whole body, not just your head.

Okay, great new pose. Everything was great. John, I really need you to look at me and not the leaves.

Seriously, Nathan don't eat the chalk!

John the camera is up here!!!
(The pattern between Nathan eating chalk and John being fascinated by the leaves went on for several more shots, but I thought I'd spare you the agony of having to see them all.)
Okay, that is definitely a wrap. We will try again next year for the perfect picture.