Saturday, June 25, 2011


John and Joe set out on Monday morning to their first Cub Scout Daycamp. It rained all. morning. on Monday so I wasn't sure how the first of their three day experience was. But they came home excited, happy (and a little wet) and ready to go the next day. Activities included a daily craft...bird feeder, leather stamping, arrowhead necklace (do scouts call it a necklace??), human foosball, water games, and the favorites for my boys...bow and arrows and BB guns! John earned his sharp shooter patch by the end of the week and scored the highest in his Tiger (oh wait, I think he is a Bear now) group. His dad was pretty proud, but also somewhat perplexed at John's left eye dominance and his left handed shooting. On John's wish list...targets and a bow and arrow to practice in the backyard.

The other highlight of the week was the result of a pretty serious storm that the park experienced on Tuesday night. When the guys arrived Wednesday morning they saw many trees down including part of a honeybee tree. Joe retrieved much of the hive that was on the ground and we are looking forward to harvesting the honey sometime this weekend.