Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Sara--she's 7!!!

Some Sara birthday favorites:

breakfast: french toast
lunch: bologna lunchable
supper: macaroni & cheese (Kraft brand, of course)
friends: Jenny & Emily
cake: white sprinkle with chocolate frosting & sprinkles

Can't get any better than chocolate cake...

Somehow I think Nathan enjoyed John's cake more than the rest of us...

Look who's four (as of Jan 17th)

name that movie...

Joe is off at the local fishing and boating show. Because I knew he was going to be gone and I was going to be home alone with the munchkins, we did early morning errands so I could get out for at least a little bit. I had to get out. Normally being home doesn't bother me but I had been home sick all week and wasn't looking forward to another day of it. On the way home we drove along the river and saw 7 bald eagles--very, very, very cool. A couple of them were very up close. Then we got home, I put in the promised video for the kids (The Little Mermaid, if you are interested) and then after talking to my mom on the phone, I kind of wandered around wondering what to do. We've been debating about getting a new computer. I need one, but don't want to buy one. Our current computer is a laptop and we are looking at getting a desktop. I want the internet connection for the desktop to be downstairs (currently it is upstairs). All that to say, in my wandering, I decided to see if I could get my internet modem and wireless modem set up downstairs. So I disconnected it and reconnected it downstairs. BTW, it worked. Now, finally, getting to my point, on a whim I decided to connect my TV upstairs to the cable that was formerly being used for the internet. Then I let my TV search channels to see if I by some freak chance could get some cable TV channels. (We use bunny ears at our house.) And, what do you know, we get 8 channels. Now one of the is TBN, and NICK is very fuzzy and the 3rd one is the TV guide channel so those don't really count. We get Comedy Central, CNN, ABC family, SPIKE TV and WE--not really sure what WE is, but we get it. Not only that, but a movie that I think has some really hysterical parts in it is currently on Comedy Central. Here is a line from it: "You know the problem with being smart? You pretty much always know what is going to happen next." So, name that movie... (I've probably made it waaaaay to easy for you.)

the brats

So here are the brats. Now that I have it posted it looks kind of gross. We haven't tasted them yet. Hopefully soon spring will arrive and we can fire up the grill and eat them.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The pictures are coming...

Well, I finally got the pictures downloaded from my camera to my computer. I am way behind on posting John's birthday pictures. However, once I pulled down all the pictures that were on my camera I realized I was even further behind than that. I still had all the Christmas pictures on it. I had some other interesting things too. For example, there was a picture of a rotten onion. I very vaguely remember a funny story behind the rotten onion--something to do with Joe being a wimp about touching it--but the story is so vague in my memory that I will have to forgo that one. All that to say, the next few posts will be full of pics. Starting with this one:

Well, I was planning on showing you a fabulous picture of Joe's venison brats that he made for the first time this year. But I guess you'll have to remain in suspense since I can't get blogger to upload my pictures. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

John's new favorite entertainment

We've got the sickies at our house today. Nathan has a pretty good fever and I have a stomach bug. So the three of us have been watching much more TV than normal. We don't have cable, so our entertainment consists of a lot of PBS kids when we are sick. Cartoons finished a half an hour ago, Nathan is down for a nap, and I went to the kitchen to find something to feed my system that would stay down. When I returned to the living room I found John completely enthralled with a PBS cooking show. "They're making cookies, Mommy!!" He said to me very excitedly. He was more attentive to that than he was to Super Readers--which for him is the king of all cartoons. So the next time you see him you'll have to ask him how to make coconut macaroons.

Monday, February 11, 2008

feeling more at home...

I realized this morning that there are lots of signs that this is slowly but surely becoming home. I know my house is becoming a home when...

  • I recognize the sound of the mail truck parking on the street
  • I see at least two people that know me whenever I go to the community center
  • there are at least 2 grocery clerks at Kroger who know me and my boys
  • I have managed to clutter all my closets and they need cleaned out already
  • it has been at least 2 months since I banged my head on the low ceiling on the stairs to our basement
  • I can walk through pretty much the whole house in the dark and not injure myself
  • and lastly, the defining moment, I think I'm ready to start painting it! After the last house I didn't think I'd ever paint again, but I actually told Joe this morning what rooms I wanted to paint.

My apologies...

Well, I was going to write a post on all the reasons why I haven't posted, but instead I just decided to say sorry and move on. So sorry to all of you who check often for the happenings in our house. We've had sickness and, well, life... See, I made excuses even though I said I wouldn't. Oh well...