Friday, June 27, 2008

Car trip facts

We recently had a long car trip with the kids (and at times without). We hadn't done that in awhile and we learned some things about ourselves (and our kids):

  • Our family can drive nine hours and only stop twice with a combined stopping time of 20 minutes. Pretty impressive, huh?
  • Joe and I (when by ourselves) must stop 3 times in five hours for a combined time of at least 30 minutes. I know, I don't understand that either.
  • When John eats 3 snicker doodle cookies and half a Ziploc bag of fruit loops on a car trip, he gets fairly wound up. When mom and dad feed the kids food on a road trip, we lose track of how much we have fed the children until we begin to notice said hyperness.
  • When Nathan wears his sandals half of a day and then removes them in the car, his feet stink. I mean, really stink. According to Joe it is worse when you are driving and his feet are propped up on your seat right behind your head. (Joe also says that it could of been my feet adding to the "stuffiness" in the car, but I must disagree.)
  • The older our kids get the more they think they have a say in what gets played on the radio. Everyone has an opinion and for some reason they think that it sounds more important if they just voice it louder.
  • Joe and I do not like GPS units. Well, maybe, as the official navigator, it is just I who do not like GPS units. In any case, due to some, ummm, discussions concerning directions in the car yesterday we no longer use the GPS system that our friends were letting us borrow. You can definitely take it off the list of Christmas ideas for me as well. (I think Joe said he still wanted one...)


Garden Girl said...

Hmmmmm - your girls want control over the radio and you want control over the map - hmmmmmm.... ;)

I love the GPS unit - it has saved us many arguments although I sometimes say it is wrong and Mike listens (think driving ND rural roads).

We officially know we've been in the car too long when Mike and I start reading all the road signs out loud laughing (e.g. "Dakota Sparklers for Your Celebration...hahaha....) Have no idea why stuff like that gets funny....

Horn herd mom said...

Yeah, I know, and I wonder where they get it from?!

The Rosetto's said...

I like our navigation system, but I still print out directions from mapquest too. Call me prepared!