Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Question of the morning

This is what I was pondering this morning: what is it about getting dressed that children hate? I think I say about a million times (okay, maybe more like 20) every morning "Go get your clothes on!". So I decided to take a poll to see if I could get to the root of the issue. The poll question "Why don't you like getting dressed?" Here were the poll results:

Sara (the eldest whom always (well, most of the time) desires to please): But I always like to get dressed mom.

Ashley (who was having difficulty eating her breakfast and obviously let that bias her answer): Oh, I want to get dressed. Can I get up and get dressed?

John (who happen to already be dressed and was completely confused by the question): But I'm already dressed mom. Mom (trying again): Well, when you aren't dressed, why don't you like to get dressed. John (looking at me like I'm an idiot and sounding very exasperated): I don't know!

Nathan (who always tends to have his finger on the pulse of the children of the house): Because you told me to.

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