Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Divine Justice?

Joe & I have recently taken up watching 24. It came with my DVR. Prior to the DVR I refused to get attached to any show in which you had to watch weekly to understand because the chances that I would be home and available to watch it each week were slim at best. With the DVR it doesn't matter if you are home or not—the magical computer records it for you. On Sunday night we started our 24 marathon. We were behind at least 3 episodes and I was starting to hear things about the ones we had missed so we needed to watch them in order for them to be still entertaining and not ruined. We didn't get through all the episodes on Sunday night because "someone" started dozing off—the morning bird in our relationship—hey! I'd been up since 4am so I thought I had a good excuse. The night owl was ready to watch the last one. In any case, we decided to finish the last one on Monday—just in time to have another one air and be recorded. We settled in—me on the couch, Joe folding clothes! Yep, I was being completely lame. In addition to being lame, I decided to comment on how impressed I was that he could fold clothes and watch 24 at the same time. He stated that I should be impressed by his multi-tasking. At this point I couldn't resist to "one up him" and let him know that not only would I have been able to fold clothes and watch 24, but that I could also do it while talking on the phone and disciplining the kids. Remember—I'm still sitting on the couch doing nothing but controlling the remote. We decided to start the show and through a serious of very, extremely, unfortunate events, I somehow managed to delete the last episode that we needed to watch. Evidently I can't multi-task quite the way I thought I could. Pride comes before….

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