Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Maybe there is hope for them

I once heard someone say that being a skilled seamstress skipped generations. If that is the case, I didn't have a chance at being a seamstress the moment I was born. My mom is a very, very skilled seamstress--she made my wedding gown and so many other things--too many to count. I can't convince her to sell anything even though I would be more than willing to run the business side of things if she ever did. Anyway, the last time Grandma Horn visited she bought some patterns and fabric for the girls and their dolls. So when Grandma Snow visited last week she brought her sewing machine and went to work. As you can see, the kids were absolutely fascinated by the whole thing. I do have a sewing machine; however, as you can see with their awe of Grandma Snow's machine, mine hasn't made it out of the closet in awhile.

It obviously had a motor so Nathan was all over that and tried to figure out how it all worked.

Maybe there is hope for my children--they are the next generation afterall. Here's hoping my girls' spouses don't have to buy their own sewing kits to sew on their buttons like mine did.

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