Thursday, May 14, 2009

I think I'm hipper now

I spent the vast majority of my day outside. It was a beautiful day sandwiched in between days of rain, so I had a lot I needed to get accomplished. One of the tasks was to mow the lawn. I should have bought a hay baler to help me out. The other major task was to stain our new picnic table. One of our neighbors is getting a new roof and so I was serenaded by the local "hot 40" radio station all afternoon while I stained the table. I'm feeling much hipper this evening than I did this morning. Maybe I'll recognize all the songs on American Idol next week.


Mandy Horn said...

Steve has repeated hip moments where Chrissy and I inform him of things that happened since the year 2000. Last night on Idol, we explained who Katy Perry was. It's all fair though...he has to remind me of everything that happened before 1990.

Garden Girl said...

Dear HHM,

The way to learn all the hippest songs is to wait until New Year's Eve (you can dvr this). Then listen/watch the show that's on after the "ball" drops in New York. Mike and I did this and I heard all of the "newer" songs that were on American Idol. Apparently, there's only about 10 mega hits each year...

Your Hip Iowa Friend