Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Big Nate!

In the midst of all flu drama at our house this last week, we had a huge milestone. The herd will no longer have a 3 year old in its midst. I'm sad. I like 3 year olds...a lot...especially 3 year old boys. But, as Joe has now famously put it, "we are raising adults, not children!". So I guess it is for the best that my baby turn 4. He was certainly excited about it. Here's some Nate facts:

Favorite food: marshmallows

Birthday cake: Strawberry with white icing (yes, I made my 4 year old boy a pink cake for his birthday. In my defense, he requested it over and over and over again!)

Favorite candy: You can take the chocolate and anything else sweet as long as you give me GUM!

Favorite toy: his electric guitar

Favorite pasttime: playing doesn't matter what as long as it isn't his normal clothes

Favorite TV show: old superman cartoon

Favorite stuffed animal: Rosie the bear, of course!

Here's my now four year old in his new birthday outfit:

Here's how poor Sara spent Nate's birthday:

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The Bullhorn said...

Wow! Love the new picture of you. You are so beautiful!