Tuesday, November 24, 2009

lovin' my boys


So I got to spend my morning with Nathan. It was fairly typical...except I was reminded this morning how much fun that kid is! We got to sing Jingle Bells at the top of our lungs in the Kroger parking lot. He was so excited you couldn't help but join in. I turned on Christmas music at home as I unloaded the car. He said to me..."watch my moves mom". So I turned and looked at "his moves" as he, in his superman outfit, jams out to Ella Fitzgerald. Awesome!


John's been learning about Thanksgiving. I was so impressed yesterday when he told me the right reason that the pilgrims came to America. Today's story was little more entertaining. Evidently, since they didn't have water faucets like we do, the pilgrims went to the river to get water and it was too salty. Sara stepped in and corrected him at this point and said "no, it wasn't too salty. It was full of fish pee." I let John continue. He said that since the water was too salty they didn't have any water at the first Thanksgiving. They just had beer.

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