Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My limits

So yesterday I proclaimed myself a techy, but today I proclaim my limits to my techiness. Last year I had a brilliant idea to put my calendar online. I can't afford to have one of those fancy PDA's that keeps your calendar online and in your pocket for you, but Google has a wonderful calendar feature that I can use on my laptop. So I transferred everything over to Google and planned out our lives...including Joe's which meant he needed to sign up and keep his calendar on there so we could see each other's. This seemed very important to me...not so much to Joe. But it worked great for the first couple of week's. Then as the year progressed I developed a longing for my notebook calendar. I wanted to want to keep my calendar online, but the planner in me wasn't liking it. So before my surgery I went shopping and bought my calendar for this year. It is a nice paper version and I'm feeling so much more peace now. I guess deep down I'm still "old school". I can pretty much guarantee I'm not going to join the Kindle band wagon either. I like paper and books to hold in my hand while I'm reading (unless it's a blog, of course!). Alright, time to update my paper calendar with Joe's meetings.

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Garden Girl said...

Oh Karen! Really?! It is just SO much easier to set up repeating dates and such on-line! You don't have to hand write them in and such. The only negative thing I've found (so far) is that I can't take my computer with me to the grocery store. But we keep ALL our appointments and such on Google Calendars. And then there is the "task list" - also a love of mine. If only I had a way to sync it to my phone....alas my phone wasn't made to do that (but it has a calendar on it!).