Saturday, May 15, 2010

Highlights of the week

It is Saturday and the countdown to vacation has started at our house! We have a 5 1/2 days until school is out and 2 weeks and a day until we leave on vacation. And halfway until vacation we get to meet our new niece, Michaela! The craziness of May is almost over. Here's some stuff that happened this last week:
  • The girls both managed to get their field trips in despite the torrential rain we had. Ashley's was actually indoors, but she had a picnic outside for lunch. Sara went to the Nature Park on the one of the only days it didn't rain. Joe got invited (yes, her teacher only invites certain parents to go) and managed to get his schedule arranged so that he could. They had a terrific time even though it was very muddy. And I think Joe is now officially the favorite dad among Sara's friends.
  • We didn't see much of Joe at home this week. Somehow he ended up being gone every evening and then he has a conference this weekend. But that is what vacation is for, right? I think he got his meetings (and date night with me!) out of the way and will be home this next week in the evenings.
  • Yes, Joe & I got to go out...just the two of us and not to some function that we needed to be at. I sadly can't remember the last time we had done that. It had been awhile. We got to see the police break up a fight outside of Chuck E. Cheese. It was an interesting date.
  • The girls helped me make chicken nuggets one night. After dipping several pieces into the butter and the breading, Ashley announced that she was going to buy all of her chicken nuggets at the grocery store. She was completely grossed out by the whole process.
  • Poor John is out of his antibiotics and feeling bad again. His ENT appointment on the 24th can't come too soon.
  • Garage sales! I love garage sales. We picked up some books for vacation. Now if I can keep the kids out of them for the next two weeks.

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Kim said...

You can tell Ashley that I've streamlined chicken nugget making. I just dump all the chicken pieces in the butter, stir, place in a ziplock bag with the dry ingredients (breading) and shake, dump onto cookie sheet. Now, if I could just find a more efficient way to cut the chicken . . .