Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day wrap up

Yes, summer vacation is over at our house. We started school today. They go half day today and tomorrow in an effort to ease us into it (well, that and I'm sure the teachers appreciate the prep time). Here's our traditional 1st day of school pics and a little bit about every one's mornings.
Ashley's first words when she got to the car were "Well, I really like Mr. Angelo, but we have homework." (It's easy homework in case you're worried). As part of her homework, she decided that one of the things she would take to school tomorrow to describe herself is a stick from our Ash tree in the front yard. I was quick to inform her that she needed to make sure she told her teacher that we did not name her after a tree. Yes, I will admit it, I want the teacher to like me and not think I name my children after trees.
John loves being in first grade, but, WOW, did it make him hungry. I can't even begin to describe everything he ate when he got home from school. It has given me pause about what I pack for that boy in his lunch box. We definitely need to be giving him more to eat at school. (BTW, this may be his last picture with his top front teeth intact. They are both wiggly. We may get to sing the "All I Want for Christmas..." song this year. )

Sara is in the 4th grade this year. Can you believe that?! I can't. The first words that she said to me after school were "Mrs. (blank) was really, really nice even though all my friends on the playground said that she was a monster." Greeeaaattt. I'm glad she is an independent thinking and doesn't assume what everyone else says is true. I've just heard that her teacher is hard which is not necessarily the worst thing in the world. I think Sara is going to do just fine. She has a locker this year (Ashley does too) and is super pumped about decorating it. She also has to get a lock. I hope she can remember the combination. I still have nightmares about forgetting my locker combination in high school!

Nathan didn't want to get left out of pictures. Poor guy really missed his siblings today. He hung out with me at McDonalds and some of his friends who he'll be going to kindergarten with next year. I sat and drank coffee with my friends. None of us could really bear going home with only part of our children. We had all pretty much cried our tears already and were ready for some mom conversation distraction until the kids got out. One thing is for certain, this has jolted me out of my summer schedule. I'm still feeling a bit frazzled from the morning. We are experiencing some change this year. Sara goes to school 45 minutes earlier than the other kids and therefore, gets out 45 minutes earlier than they do. John & Ashley's school has a new addition which is creating new drop off and pick up locations that are going to, understandably, take the school a few days to figure out. I say give it two weeks and I'll be in the swing of things. Until then, if you see me, you may want to ask me if I'm sure I am where I am supposed to be.

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The Rosetto's said...

i want to suggest that naming your kid after a tree would probably not be the worst thing in the world. at least she didn't suggest taking in a cigarette and "ash" tray.

it's all about perspective karen. lol