Sunday, December 19, 2010

Favorite Things--Day 18

movies! We really like movies at our house...especially around Christmas. Yesterday was a "day of rest" at our house. (One of the movies Joe & I watched yesterday was Murder on the Orient Express..Agatha Christie is a master mystery writer!) We try to have at least a half day of one of these once a week. It doesn't always happen and is rarely on Sunday when everyone else takes theirs. This time of year (after the pre-Christmas craziness) we sometime get a couple of these in a row. And we have some favorites that we like to pull out in between playing games and eating junk food. Here are some of them:

White Christmas...we haven't watched this one yet this year, but we will before Saturday. The kids don't know that they like it yet. We'll see if they make it through the whole thing this year.

The Sound of Music...I need to get an actual DVD of this. Right now it is on our DVR and I'm kind of paranoid that it is going to get erased.

All of The Santa Clause movies...the ones with Tim Allen as Santa. We really like these. We own one and three so if anyone is looking for a Christmas gift for us...

Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas and Twice Upon a Christmas...My kids used to love, love these. They still enjoy them, but, alas, not near us much. It's all a part of that getting older stuff, I guess.

The Lord of the Rings series...I know these technically aren't Christmas movies. I think we've made them Christmas movies because they originally came out around Christmas. I'm sure the Narnia movies will become a similar phenomenon at our house. Yesterday Joe & I watched The Fellowship of the Ring. Some of the greatest movie moments ever...Gandalf telling the Balrog "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" And the white horses in the water overtaking the 9 riders.

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