Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The blizzard is coming

Here's what is planned for our snow day today (and possibly the next day as well)...

  • 600 piece world puzzle
  • Uno!
  • Skipbo!
  • meatloaf with crock pot mac & cheese (mmmm, comfort food in the midst of the storm)
  • snow ice cream...I found a recipe. Here's hoping it turns out.
  • reading, reading and more reading...Joe took the kids to the library yesterday so we are all stalked up with books
  • cookies...to go with the ice cream, of course.
  • Wii...hmmm, which game to play first.
  • movies...Groundhog Day will definitely be on the play list at some because of the timing of the storm.

And, on a sad note, lots of prayers for a tragedy in our community...town community and church community. Pray for Joe today as he travels in the blizzard to meet with a grieving family.

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