Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dinner Time conversations

Okay, before I launch into the latest discussion that occurred at our dinner table I must share that the countdown has begun...38 days and counting until I am soaking up the sun on the beach and sleeping...a lot (not sleeping on the beach...in a bed... in a quiet room..except for the sound of surf.).

So this is what took place at our table tonight:

Dad: Ashley, you need to eat a lot of these strawberries because they are full of vitamin C. (She's been battling a cold on top of her allergies. She's kind of miserable right now.)
John: What is vitamin C?
Joe: (he launched into a Joe description of the origins of vitamin C).
John..in a very dead serious tone: Vitamin H makes you grow horns.
Joe: Really?...who told you that?
John: Ashley
Joe & I turn to our youngest daughter who looked very sheepish: I didn't think he would believe me. It's from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

So evidently for the past several months John has thought there was some mysterious vitamin H out there that would put horns on his head.

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