Saturday, March 19, 2011


My kids are getting older. Ashley turns 9 on Tuesday. She's getting her ears pierced. She doesn't know it yet, but, trust me, Joe & I will win the parents of the year award once she finds out. We register Nathan for kindergarten on Friday. Sara enters the 5th grade next fall and John has suddenly grown some long legs this year. With age and physical development, comes brain development and the ability to have some really great conversations...spiritual conversations. Nathan really gets salvation and God's grace at this point. John LOVES talking his Bible with you and made us very proud when he smoked everyone at sword drills at AWANA last Wednesday night.

A trip this past week to the library provoked some conversations with Sara and Ashley. Both approached me with some interesting non-fiction books that they wanted to check out. Sara's was on astronomy and Ashley's was a detailed book on Islam. I agreed with both of them that they looked like fascinating topics and encouraged them to add them to their collection that would be borrowed. So yesterday I was able to engage in conversations about the big bang theory and scientific theories and the purpose behind those theories. I was also able to discuss allah and what makes the one true GOD. All of these conversations were prompted by them when they wanted to talk about what they read. It. was. great. It was great to see them think and begin to critically analyze what they had read and it was great to see them analyze their own belief system. Best of all, I was at peace. I was at peace that my GOD could hold up to the challenges that some of these books might bring to mind in my girls. I want my kids to have their own faith...not just a faith that is there because they were told this is what they should believe. They are starting to approach the ages where their faith will become truly their own faith. And as they go through that process I am not afraid that something will come out from under the rock of academia and eat my GOD. But I desperately pray for them...that sin will not overtake them. I think sin is more dangerous than any book that may challenge their worldview. And in this whole "getting older" stage, I thank God for the 4 precious children I am allowed to raise to adulthood.

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