Thursday, February 23, 2012

Moments on a Rainy Thursday morning

  • I just finished the dishes. My reward is this post!
  • I love surprises.
  • John is wearing a blue t-shirt for his spring concert on April 4. He is super pumped about this concert. It has an American theme so all the kids will be in the colors of the flag.
  • Nathan was really hoping his teacher would be back today. He evidently didn't enjoy his sub yesterday.
  • I had forgotten how much 18 month olds and 2 year olds have sympathy for each other. One of them is teething so the other has joined in on the complaining this morning.
  • Crockpot beef stroganoff for supper tonight. Oh yeah...
  • Tween drama this morning...evidently someone stole someone else's hair idea. Wow, I obviously need to expose them more to hairstyles because I am pretty sure I have seen the updo with a hair clip done before.
  • The word stroganoff reminded me of Ashley's spelling bee. She placed 5th in the school bee. Not bad considering her school is grade 4th-8th. It is also not bad considering how embarrassingly little she studied. So glad I will have someone to edit my blog posts in the future. I think I have at least 10 words I've misspelled so far.
  • Feeling like summer this morning since I had fresh highlights put in my hair last night. Usually only the sun in July can accomplish what Honey did in a little over a couple hours last night.
  • It is quiet. Hmmm, wonder what the munchkins are up to.....
  • Look Miss Karen, we found Nathan's stuffed animals. (Wish I could share a picture of them with you because they are so stinkin' cute!)
  • Celebrating the news with a good friend of a new pregnancy. Ahh, I love the anticipation of new life.
  • Speaking of babies...I have a new niece! A big congratulations to my sister-in-law and brother-in-law Kristen and James! Now if we could find some time in our calendar to make the drive over the IN it would be even more awesome. The calendar is looking a little grim for that thought. Major sickness at this Horn house interrupted our plan to visit last weekend.
  • I love new opportunities...especially when they involve sharing Jesus with a lot of people!
  • Singing with the Newsboys this morning...

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