Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Saturday

I pulled out my camera yesterday and documented our day.  We started out slow as we only had one football game to attend and it wasn't until 2pm.  John decided to build a castle with the blocks and Nathan pulled out the pizza from the night before for breakfast.
John's masterpiece

Are you awake Ashley?

Nathan enjoying his pizza...shhh...don't tell dad I'm eating on the chair or mom that I am using her blanket!
Friday night I went and got my first deer tag EVER.  Yes, I am going to sit in a stand and try to get a deer this year.  I have already started praying for good weather.  Joe got me a gift...a harness.  When I saw the harness I started second guessing my decision to sit in a tree.  Is this really dangerous?  Maybe I should have checked out the height of the stand before I invested in a tag.  Joe has promised me that I will be completely safe....just make sure to wear the harness that looks like it could save me from rock climbing Everest.
My new safety harness...yikes!
 First fire of the season!!!!  I LOVE fires in my fireplace.  I think it looks even better now that our fireplace is a nice shade of black rather than a brassy gold that shouts "look at me! I'm an ugly fireplace!"

I am obviously not a food blogger.  Food bloggers take fabulous pictures of food.  I took several pictures of this delicious white chicken chili that I made and they all make it look like chicken mush.  It actually tasted really good there was none left last night.  I also made a big pot of regular chili.  There is nothing like chili on a brisk, blustery day.  And, yes, it was brisk and blustery yesterday.

After a warm-up lunch, we went and hung out at the football field.  Wow...the pics may not show it, but it was cold.  No, it wasn't raining and no, it wasn't snowing, but wow it was cold. 

Pretty tree to look at while we watched the game

John's team waiting for their game to start

taking the field

John is on the end with the yellow mouth guard hanging out.  If the pic had audio you would here him leading the warm-up counts

John blocked #15 most of the game.  It was tough because the guy was half his size. You could tell he was struggling to figure out where to grab him.   His team won 41-12.  John's team basically had their second string guys in most of the 2nd half.

We ended the day stacking firewood in our new firewood stacker thing (I know there is an official name of what it is called....I just have no idea what it is at the moment.)

We ended the day by the fire, eating chili and introducing the kids to National Treasure.  They're hooked and are ready to watch the 2nd one.

And now this native Hoosier is going to sit back and watch my favorite quarterback play my favorite football team.  Go Peyton!  Go Colts!

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